William Control Makes Slaves Of His Fans In Los Angeles

William Control
June 6, 2015
Bar Sinister- Los Angeles, CA

        The sex-fueled fusion rocker and frontman of the band Aiden, William Control, made a stop on his solo tour at the gothic-alternative nightclub known as Bar Sinister. For the kind of nightclub that it was, it was no surprise seeing people dressed in styles of goth, alternative, piercings, face paint, lingerie, under garments, and even the casual dressers. By the time the opening bands started, the small space for the show was already packed with loyal William Control fans.

At just past midnight, the three-piece band with William Control came on stage, Control with a cigarette in hand and started the show with Adore (Fall In Love Forever). Fans started to scream and jump as this was the moment that they’ve been waiting for all night. Control was very entertaining on stage. He would sing with all his heart, spin and twirl his microphone, and shake/kiss the hands of his fans to show how much he adores his fans. His songs have a variety of sounds: Glam rock, new wave punk, electronic darkwave, and industrial goth. With every song played, the crowd seemed to get more and more excited. Whenever Control told the crowd to jump, they jumped and threw their hands in the air. Fans got a little crazy as they pushed and caused crowd rushes a few times, but they seemed williamscto enjoy themselves and that’s what matters.

Control  played songs from his four solo albums which included: My Lady Dominate, Beautiful Loser, Strangers, The Filth and the Fetish, and Price We Pay. Control would talk with the crowd in between songs and took the time to announce that he will soon be working for a new album with his band, Aiden. The crowd seemed to be happy at the news as they cheered and screamed. He also thanked the crowd for dressing up for him in whatever outfits they came out in. Still smoking a cigarette, he continued the show and kept mesmerizing the crowd with his moves and dancing skills. His fans truly love him as much as he loves them. Toward the end of the show, Control told the Los Angeles crowd that, out of the five years of performing at Bar Sinister, this was the best LA show yet and that Los Angeles is always a good show and thanked everyone for coming out. William Control finished the show with London Town and then he and his bandmates left the stage. The crowd wasn’t ready to let him go yet and they stayed and yelled out his name obviously letting him know they wanted more. William Control answered their call and he came back out addressing the crowd that he loves it when they scream his name. William Control played the first encore, Razor’s Edge. The crowd yelled as loud as they could and jumped as they were happy that the show hadn’t ended yet. Before finishing the show, Control thanked the crowd once more with all of his heart for coming out and that he’ll come back real soon with new music from Aiden and will be sure to make a stop in Los Angeles. For the final song of the night, William Control played I’m Only Human Sometimes. The show finished and the band said their goodbyes while the fans screamed that they were so happy to have seen William Control.
Review by: Misael Ruiz