Los Angeles Gets Laced Up For Machine Gun Kelly


Machine Gun Kelly
June 25, 2015
Samsung Studios- Los Angeles, CA

       If you were one of the first 200 fans to RSVP to the email provided, then you were one of the lucky few that were invited to the private Machine Gun Kelly album listening party in Los Angeles, CA. The Houston, TX rapper hasn’t released an album since 2012, and fans have been anxiously awaiting his return. The day of the show, MGK gave fans a treat by releasing the name of his sophomore album- General Admission, meaning a ticket into his life. As MGK explained during his interview with Rolling Stone before he performed, he mentioned that the album was a lot more personal than the last and gave fans a chance to hear quick snippets of songs and meanings behind them. Fans recorded and cheered in excitement as MGK swayed and freestyled a verse to a never before heard song.

Machine Gun Kelly SITE_At around 7:45, Machine Gun Kelly was gearing up to perform. Along with his band consisting of a hype man, Slim Gudz, drummer JP Cappelletty AKA- ROOK, a guitarist, bassist and DJ, MGK also added a live violinist to the mix. USC student, Nick Kennerly won a Grammy U contest which MGK has set in place for all dates of the summer tour in order to help aspiring musicians become known. Kennerly joined the band and MGK for the entire set, performing each song, aside from the unplanned encores, in which he danced and smiled, grateful for the opportunity.

The short set began with the new single and crowd favorite, Till I Die and it was no question as to why Machine Gun Kelly is known as one of the best performers of our generation. He was moving back in forth with great intensity and passion as he climbed onto a speaker, riling the crowd up. To get them more excited, he jumped off the speaker, off the stage and went into the crowd. Everyone was jumping up and down, singing along.

The set continued with several new songs that have never been heard as well as one of his most popular songs, A Little More which was released in late March 2015. While MGK was doing what he does best, it is important to give credit to where its deserved; Rook on drums was an absolute madman. He flawlessly executed stick tricks and hit the drums with so much intensity that it added a whole new element to the show that you wouldn’t even think was needed. He was “recruited” to be apart of MGK’s team when he was in high school, as he was constantly submitting drum covers of MGK’s songs, so it was great seeing how he became a permanent member of the crew. It is well deserved; Rook has undeniable talent, skill and showmanship.

It is unknown when the sophomore album, General Admission is set to be released, but with a summer tour coming up, it is bound to be soon (hopefully). If we know anything from Machine Gun Kelly, we know the album will not disappoint and from what everyone heard tonight, they can confirm 100% how great it will be. Be sure to catch MGK on the summer tour coming to a city near you!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg