Machine Gun Kelly Sells Out House Of Blues On First Stop Of The ‘Road Trippin’ Tour

Machine Gun Kelly
July 1, 2015
House of Blues- Los Angeles, CA

       “You know, when we first announced this show, I was looking at ticket sales and they weren’t doing too good… but you know what LA?! You guys pulled through and we SOLD OUT!” Machine Gun Kelly said in excitement last Wednesday at the kick off of his Road Trippin Tour in Los Angeles. With his new album, General Admission making his long time fans excited for new music, (3 years since the last album) MGK announced the Road Trippin Tour which would travel to 31 cities.

During his first song, MGK ran out on stage wearing an orange jumpsuit and within several verses, stage dove right into the audience. He didn’t need a warm up or anything, as fans were willing and ready to catch him. MGK and his band played several remixes including the second song of the night being their version of Sail by Awolnation and later on in the set, Half Naked & Almost Famous, their rendition of Young Blood from The Naked and Famous. Early in the set, MGK performed some of the more popular songs including Warning Shot. In between songs, as the band members and Kelly would catch their breath, he would thank the crowd for being at the show and supporting him since day 1. Most artists thank fans for coming out to a show but MGK really took the time out whenever there MGK SITE-7was a moment to really show his appreciation.

Following Street Dream, the band did an outro in which MGK left the stage. Rooks on drums was an absolute maniac as always. Aside from his stick tricks which he made look effortless, his technique was impeccable. The group also had Nick Kennerly on violin. He won the contest with his cover of A Little More and will be joining the group for several dates on tour.

After the short intermission, MGK was back on stage, beginning his 4 song encore with See My Tears which was followed by his new single, A Little More. Mind of a Stoner was next, and MGK somehow managed to climb to the top- to the 2nd floor balcony of the House of Blues and walk along side it while rapping the song. The show finished with Till I Die where the entire floor was jumping up and down and screaming along. The band played an instrumental outro

and that was the end to a successful first night of tour.

Machine Gun Kelly is unlike any rapper currently in the game and previously in the game; he brings all types of people out to his shows, old-young, white-black and everyone in between. He brings people together and is probably the only rapper to EVER have a rap show which looks more like a rock show. Throughout the show, there were mosh pits- how many times can someone say that about a rap show? Never! There were several people causing issues and were forcefully escorted out by their necks by security guards and one gentleman’s entire head, all the way down to his face was bloody.

Machine Gun Kelly shows are clearly physically, but definitely worth the experience. If you like to have a good time, want to hear someone who is known to be one of the only “real” rappers of our generation, then buy your tickets before they sell out and support MGK.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg