Imagine Dragons Bring The Smoke + Mirrors Tour To Salt Lake City, UT

Smoke + Mirrors Tour
July 28th, 2015
EnergySolutions Arena – Salt Lake City, UT

       The legendary pop-rock band, Imagine Dragons, returned to the small city of Salt Lake City, Utah once again, with another kick-ass show for their latest album, Smoke + Mirrors. Starting off their set with an extended smooth strumming strings from the intro of their song, Shots, the passionated fans screamed as the stage illuminated, slowly making the shadows of each band members appear behind curtains. The crowd cheered as the curtains dropped. Imagine Dragons started blasting out the rest of the song as lead singer, Dan Reynolds, walked to the edge of the stage wearing a jacket, red and rich as blood, to excite his passionated fans.

After possibly one of the best intros, Reynolds stated, as a band, they loved Utah, and thanked his fans for being there tonight, bringing support, love, and positive vibes to the atmosphere. The earliest shows they played were in small venues, mainly in this city, and without them they wouldn’t be where they’re at: From #1 hit rock songs, to a full house arena. Fans cheered on as they moved on to the next songs, Trouble and It’s Time.

Smoke + Mirrors Tour_7/28/15; SLC, UTBefore the time came for Dragons hit song, Radioactive. Reynolds said to the crowd, “We love you. Thank you so much for being here.” Still fully energized, fans cheered as they recognized the smooth beginning harmony. At first, the band stood still as stones, and slowly mumbled the melody. Reynolds then jumped and banged the wicked drums as strobe lights went off, and Dragons started playing the song. Reynolds ran to the end of the stage and reached out to his fans as they sang their lungs out. As the song went on, fog slowly covered the stage, laser beams shot out all over the arena, and strobe lights flashed like lighting as they played an emotional drum solo. Towards the end, Guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon, walked to the center of the stage as he head banged and finished the song with an amazing guitar solo. Reynolds held his fist in the air, thanked the fans once again, and walked off the stage with the rest of the band.

Fans chanted their name, as Imagine Dragons came out for one last song. They finished the show with their latest hit, The Fall from Smoke + Mirrors, surprising everyone with confetti falling from the ceiling. This was a night to remember for all the fans, from the new ones to the the ones who’s been there since the beginning. Imagine Dragons had said one more time to their fans, “Utah, thank you for being there since day 1. We love you.”

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Review by: Jasmin Beltran