Getting Tropical With All Time Low in Portland, OR

All Time Low & Sleeping with Sirens
October 30, 2015
Roseland Theater- Portland, OR

 To support their newest album Future Hearts, All Time Low decided to do a fall tour called Back To The Future Hearts Tour. The band had done a spring tour earlier in the year but wanted to play more songs off their new album on this tour and make it to some new places that couldn’t make it to on the previous tour. For this tour All Time Low had three well known supporting bands, Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep, and One Ok Rock. October 30th was finally the day this tour hit Portland, Oregon. The tour sold out months ago and eager fans lined up around 7am despite the rain to guarantee they would be up close for the show.

The show started with a band all the way from Japan by the name of One Ok Rock. This band is pretty huge in Japan, in fact the other bands on this tour would probably be opening for them if this tour were in Japan. But this tour is in the U.S. and for some reason they’re just not as big over here. They do have quite a few dedicated fans who came for this tour, some even came from Japan! When they came on stage the entire crowd screamed with excitement. The band played songs off their English version of 35xxxv including their hit’s Decision and Mighty Long Fall, but the song that got the entire crowd excited was when Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens came out to do Paper Planes. They were a great band and by the end of the set they had gained a lot of new fans!

Sleeping With Sirens (37 of 41) The rising British pop punk band Neck Deep was next. Neck Deep has been gaining in popularity since the release of their new album Life’s Not Out to Get You which came out this August. A lot of the new fans were excited to see them play the new songs on this tour and when they came out the crowd went wild. The band was decked out in Hawaiian shirts for Aloha Friday and so was almost everyone on the tour. They came out jumping around on stage while the fans jumped along to the songs. The setlist consisted of new and old songs that fans could dance and sing along to.  Some of the songs they played were off the new album such as Gold Steps and Can’t Kick Up the Roots and some off their older albums Wishful Thinking and Texas in July such as Losing Teeth and A Part Of Me. They ended their set with the first song they ever wrote What Did You Expect and had the crowd hyped for the next band.

People were excited to see the next band Sleeping With Sirens. Normally people are excited to see them because they’re pretty big, but in Portland the fans get really psyched because the lead singer of the band Kellin Quinn is from Oregon. Not only was the crowd happy to see the Oregon native, but Quinn seemed to be really happy to be surrounded by his family and friends. The band came out to an amazing stage production that had ramps and huge lit up letters that were the initials of the band (SWS). They started off the show playing Kick Me while CO2 cannons went off. It was a pretty awesome stage setup and the band used every inch of the stage. Quinn and rhythm guitarist Nick Martin even jumped off the stage and worked the crowd. Their set was longer than most expected for a opener but nobody was complaining.  It gave the band time to play a wide variety of their discography. They had a lot of songs off their new album Madness but they also played old songs such as Do It Now Remember It Later from their album Let’s Cheer to This and Congratulations a song they did with Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire from their album Feel. They also played a few acoustic songs from If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack and everyone in the crowd got excited and sang along at the top of their lungs.  In fact it felt like the entire crowd was singing along to every song they played. Right before their last song Quinn brought out his daughter Copeland who had been dancing and eating suckers while watching her dad.  They had a conversation on stage and Copeland said “I love you Portland!” and crowd screamed awwww!  After she got off stage he dedicated the last song to all of his family and friends that showed up and then played If You Can’t Hang an older hit song of theirs.

Last up was All Time Low, a band from Baltimore, Maryland. This band has a huge dedicated fan base called the Hustlers that go to every show when they are close to them and some even fly from other countries to see them. Fans had been waiting hours in the rain to see them and the moment they came on stage youAll Time Low (25 of 34) could’ve lost your hearing because of the amount of screaming you heard. This show seemed more intimate for All Time Low since they had been playing bigger venues the past few nights and the big talkers of the band aka the lead singer and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth and lead guitarist Jack Barakat even commented on that.  Gaskarth & Barakat then noticed someone in the balcony that was dressed up as Misty from Pokemon and made a few inappropriate jokes which they are known for doing at shows and everyone including the girl laughed at their jokes. During the entire set the two would make jokes in between songs which the crowd loved. There was only one thing the crowd loved more than their jokes and it was the songs they were playing, the setlist was filled with songs of their new album Future Hearts which was released earlier this year in spring. They played songs from the new album such as Satellite, Kids In The Dark, and Something’s Gotta Live and Cinderblock Garden.  Also songs they hadn’t played in over 5 years such as Poppin’ Champagne and a song they did with Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil called Love Like War. During their set the band was running all over the place and being weird while fans sang along to all the songs and threw their bras on stage which is a known thing for fans to do. Barakat places the bras onto the mic stand and sometimes wears them on his body to give the crowd a laugh. They added some new things to their set this tour like Rian Dawson, the drummer of the band, getting a solo and throwing balls into the crowd during their songs but one thing will never change and that is the band playing Dear Maria, Count Me In as their last song. If you go to an All Time Low show you will see them play this as their last song and at the end of the show Gaskarth & Barakat get in the crowd while confetti explodes and it’s everyone’s favorite part of the night.

If you have never seen any of these bands you really need to see this tour, and if you have seen any of them you probably already have tickets. These bands are not bands you want to miss out on they have so much energy and the shows are phenomenal.

Review by: Sarina Solem 

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