Interview With Guitarist, John 5

Interview with John 5
November 2015

 SC411: You released your newest album, Careful with that Axe. Can you tell me a little about it?

John 5: Yeah, I released that a little while ago and we’ve been touring it and actually it’s one of my favorite instrumental records that I’ve done. A lot of great songs are there. Roger Carter playing drums and we did it at Doghouse Studios. It’s just a variety styles of music on there. So we’ve been out there touring it. People really enjoy it.

SC411: Yes, I listened to it too. I love it.

John 5: Thank you very much.


51R+v3O5PHL._SL500_AA280_SC411: Earlier this year you embarked on your first solo tour, how did that turn out for you?

John 5: It was such a huge success. I mean, it was really an incredible thing. So now we’re just doing the second leg of it and we’re having a blast. So, I think everybody’s really enjoying this a lot.


SC411: How does it make you feel that your first solo tour was so successful, you actually went out and did a second one?

John 5: To be honest, I was really scared to do it, you know? I was really worried to do it. I didn’t know if people would really like it, you know? Because it’s instrumental. It was just, you know, I can’t even explain how happy it made me feel that people enjoyed it. So, it’s really important and I couldn’t be happier with it so that’s why we’re doing it again.


SC411: Are you involved in Rob Zombie’s upcoming 31 movie and if so, how?

John 5: Yes, I’m doing the score for the movie. The music for it. They’re just doing a couple more little fixes, but the movie should come out early next year.


SC411: What was your inspiration for you to start playing guitar?

John 5: What I loved early on was TV. I loved television. I would always watch The Monkees, I’d watch Happy Days, I’d watch Hee Haw, and I just loved the guitar. They would always have the guitar and I was so obsessed with guitar and that’s what made me want to play guitar. Watching these TV shows, you know? I think that’s what made me really want to start guitar at first. The TV show Hee Haw and the Monkees.


SC411: Do you have any favorite concerts you’ve attended?

John 5: Yes, of course. My very first concert was The Rolling Stones in 1981 and that was a really really special show for me and I think it that was one of my favorites. Seeing Nine Inch Nails was a great one too. Metallica on the Master of Puppets. You know, things like that. Just great, great concerts.


SC411: Any albums you’ve picked up this year that you’ve enjoyed?

John 5: Oh, of course. The new Slipknot record is great. The Aristrocrats, I got the new Aristrocrats, I really like it. I’m also really liking the new Winery Dogs careful-axealbum.


SC411: Any words of advice you have for young musicians?

John 5: Yes, just practice and never give up because if you don’t do it, somebody else will do it and that’s a fact.


SC411: Do you have anything special planned for this tour with Doyle?

John 5: Well, yes. Last night we played at the Whisky and Paul Gilbert, the great Paul Gilbert, got on stage with us and played. Also, Rob Zombie and Doyle came up and we did a song together and it was an unbelievable night last night.


Be sure to catch John 5 and Doyle on the Mad Monster tour! Upcoming dates:

Dates with ** are with Doyle:

Nov 17 Low Brow Palace – El Paso, TX

Nov 18 Sams Joint – San Antonio, TX

Nov 19 Trees – Dallas, TX

Nov 20 Clicks – Tyler, TX

Nov 21 Scout Bar – Houston, TX


Interview by: Misael Ruiz