Contributor Feature: Jasmin Toubi’s Favorite Live Shots Of 2015

Contributor Jasmin Toubi’s Favorite Live Shots of 2015


I love this shot of Best Coast’s lead Bethany Cosentino at the Wiltern, the washed pink really captures the vibe I get from their sound. It feels like the sky right after the sun sets in LA, mellow yet still bright and full of color.

Caleb Keolanui from the reggae band The Green looks blissfully content, basking in the light on stage at The Palladium. This to me is what music is supposed to make you feel like.


This was my first time shooting up close at a big venue like The Hollywood Palladium, and at first it was really intimidating being so close to the artists, but the photos I took that night were definitely some of my best. Shooting The Green really made me feel the connection between music and photography, and all art forms in general.

Even though I didn’t shoot many concerts this year, I definitely can see my improvement through my experiences. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that timing is everything, and this shot exemplifies how waiting for your subject to move to just the right place can pay off. I love how Michah Brown from Iration is lined up perfectly with the banner in the background.

Saving the best for last, this shot of Iration’s bassist Adam Taylor is my favorite of 2015. Adam was such a lovely subject to shoot, always smiling and doing something interesting for the crowd and the cameras. In this shot, he kneeled down out of the spotlights, and I love how the pink and purple back lights just outline his striking pose.

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