EXNATIONS Bring More Than Just Music to the Stage

January 7, 2016
The Sidebar- Baltimore, ML

     EXNATIONS is a three member alternative pop band from Baltimore, Maryland. Their music is different from mainstream pop yet still has an upbeat sound to it. The three members of the band include Josh Reich, the lead vocalist, Taylor Hughes, drummer, and Gaelen Smith, guitarist and also the newest addition to EXNATIONS.

EXNATIONS recently played a show at The Sidebar in Baltimore, Maryland on January 7, 2016. The Sidebar is a snug, little underground venue in the heart of Baltimore city. Because the venue was smaller in size, it did not allow for much stage production. Fortunately, the result was a raw and intimate performance put on by EXNATIONS. They were one of six bands performing that night. Doors opened at 7 but the show didn’t start until 7:30. As 7:30 came nearer, people kept on walking through the doors and eventually filled the place up. Now that there was a sufficient audience, the show could begin.

en3The show began with two rock bands that each played 4-6 songs, so when EXNATIONS came on stage to perform, it was a break in the storm of sound that was produced by the first two bands. Although the first two bands provided some quality music, it was pleasant to hear a soft sound amidst the thundering sound of rock. EXNATIONS put on a great show. Personality-wise, they are a charming group of friends and the chemistry between them was clearly translated to the audience of people watching them perform. Their personalities on stage and off stage were kind, fun, and good-hearted. The rest of their time on stage was pleasant and full of smiles, laughs, and good music.

While EXNATIONS had the stage, they played their most popular single Found You, along with some other songs, and also played their touching song More Than Four, which they explained was written for a friend battling childhood cancer. They went on to say that More Than Four was on iTunes and that 100% of the funds raised by the sales of that song would go toward ending childhood cancer. As they played this song, it was obvious that they were passionate about supporting the fight against childhood cancer, as well as raising awareness. The song was powerful, well-written, and most importantly, sincere. While performing their set, EXNATIONS captivated the audience with their endearing lyrics, engaging stage presence, and easy-going sound. Although their set was a quick one, it was an intimate and down-to-earth performance given by a group of three truly talented artists that make up the band EXNATIONS.

Review by: Cristina Calderon