Reel Big Fish Bring Ska To Silverspring, MD

Reel Big Fish
January 31, 2016
The Fillmore- Silverspring, MD

The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD: Sunday night at the Fillmore, a bunch of Ska music loving people piled into one place.  First up was a band from Greenland called, The Maxie’s. The band came out all dressed in similar attire which was a mix of red and white clothing and goofy looking masks. The Maxie’s had no boundaries with what came out of their mouths. Their set was great but most of there songs were definitely different from most Ska bands. At least they got the crowd all pumped up for the next two acts, which brings us to Suburban Legends, who didn’t have any trouble getting the crowd moving either.

Suburban Legends, the part-time Disneyland house band were able to be themselves and kick back, without having to sensor everything that came out of their mouths. The 6 piece had synchronized dance moves, Disney cover songs, and a pretty solid fan-Reel Big Fish-10base who sang each song word for word during the entire performance. A circle pit was also involved during a part of their set. They sang, danced and high-fived each other, including the one security guard. Their frontman, Vincent Walker, worked the crowd into a hot and sweaty mess.

Reel Big Fish almost sold out the entire venue. The band is from OC and it definitely showed by the way they dressed (wish it was summer). Reel Big Fish started in 1992 and the current form of the band, retaining frontman Aaron Barrett,  definitely has many ‘greatest hits’. Also a skill at  delivering a pretty rad set. Reel Big Fish thrashed through their discography with ease and no complications. Opening with a cover of The Final Countdown, the ska band kept up with the energy that Suburban Legends left behind.  They didn’t really play newer material,  they got right into playing singles of theirs such as Alternative, Baby, Everything Sucks and Another F.U Song.

There was no judgement in the room which was nice, everyone was laid back and having a great time. Throughout the night there were tons of crowd surfing going on and multiple circle pits, which the attendees didn’t seem to mind one bit. Reel Big Fish delivered exactly what everyone in that crowd wanted to see – a highly energetic ska show. If you got a chance to see them on this tour you know what I’m talking about, if they haven’t yet visited your area I highly suggest you check out this tour before it ends. You will not be disappointed.

Review by: Alyssa Howell 

Reel Big Fish

Suburban Legends

The Maxie’s