9th Annual MusINK Festival Recap

MusINK Festival
March 4-6, 2016
OC Events Center- Orange County, CA

     For the ninth consecutive year, MusINK brought together the niche group of people consisting of fans of music, cars and tattoos. Held at the OC Fair & Events Center in Orange County, CA, fans experienced three days worth excitement. Here is our recap on some of what the festival had to offer.


Friday kicked off the three day party and featured Yelawolf, Transplants and Snoop Dog. Because the festival is presented by the Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker, Barker treated the fans to his drumming during the first night, performing with both Yelawolf and Transplants. While there were some technical difficulties with Yelawolf’s DJ, the rapper adjusted and performed an acoustic song while the problem was being worked out. Snoop Dog however had the most memorable performance of the night, performing hits, along with covers. There are usually some smoke clouds at rap concerts, but for Snoop, it seemed like the entire venue was one big smoke cloud.

Deftones-4Saturday’s music scene was more for the rock group and featured Deftones and Taking Back Sunday. While TBS had a large crowd filled with screaming fans who shouted all the lyrics back to lead singer Adam Lazzara, the Deftones were definitely the most rowdy and energetic set of the entire weekend. Chino Moreno was constantly moving and jumping while screaming into the microphone. Fans crowd surfed, as if it were an assembly line, never seeming to stop until the band was finished. The add to the excitement, Moreno jumped into the crowd to finish the set, making fans push forward to try and touch the singer.


Each day featured an array of different low riders, some being from Barker’s personal collection. Fans were able to snap photos and read a little about who made each car. There were 2 huge halls filled with the familiar buzzing noise of the tattoo machine that was never ending throughout the three days. Legendary artists and new artists alike set up shop in the halls and tattooed musicians and fans alike. Some of the artists in attendance included Oliver Peck, Freddy Negrete, Nikko Hurtado, Dan Smith and hundreds of others. What’s great about a festival like this one is that fans are able to get their appointments with these legendary artists without having to wait on a wait list for months in advance.

The 9th year of MusINK was definitely one of the best thus far, music wise and tattoo artist wise. With different genres to suit anyone’s liking and artists big and upcoming, MusINK definitely delivered and we can’t wait to see what it has to offer in it’s 10th year!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Snoop Dog




Taking Back Sunday 

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