Los Angeles ‘Glamberts’ Sell Out The Last Two US Dates Of Adam Lambert’s Tour

Adam Lambert
April 2, 2016
Orpheum Theatre- Los Angeles, CA

       After the first night at the Orpheum Theatre sold out so quickly to Adam Lambert’s The Original High Tour, another date was added, and consequently also sold out. From American Idol, to performing with Queen, Lambert has been on an amazing run for the past few years, and his solo US tour ended in the city of Angels.

Opening up the set was R&B, Pop, Soul singer (and actor), Alex Newell, known from his work on the hit TV show Glee. Sporting a colorful shirt, white jeans and high heels, Newell walked out to a packed crowd and belted out vocals that no one expected. The star essentially dresses in drag and the only talk about his performance was the incredible vocal range. It was amazing to see no one paying attention or giving strange looks, like what would have happened only a few years ago; it’s great to see people’s mindset evolving and really just paying attention to the music. Newell did a fantastic job getting the crowd to participate by clapping along and asking if they wanted to hear more. He added a bit of flair and glamour to his performance by whipping his ponytailed hair every now and then. Although Newell only has 1 EP, which was released in February 2016, he gave the crowd an enjoyable 30 minute set which included his popular hits Nobody To Love, This Ain’t Over and Show Me Love.

Adam Lambert-8Three years after Adam Lambert’s last record, Trespassing, which was released in 2012, the singer who gained popularity from American Idol released his third full length album, The Original High in 2015.  Despite the fact that Lambert was the runner up of American Idol, he seems to be one of the most successful stars to come out from that show. With his unique vocal ability that is often compared to Freddie Mercury of Queen, it was no surprise that he was asked to perform with Queen in 2014. After a 35 date tour with the band, he was able to focus on his solo stuff, which leaned more toward the pop side of things.

Shortly after 9pm, an electronic/dubstep intro began playing as the lights dimmed and people got out of their seats. Three rectangular screens hung vertically alongside each other at the back of the stage and would constantly change imagery throughout the show. The stage darkened and had sparks of light every few seconds, slowly, letter by letter, spelling out ‘ADAM’. The live band began performing Evil in the Night as strobe lights went off every second and when the stage went bright again, Lambert stood on a platform, with smoke flowing alongside his feet. He sported an all red leather (or pleather) outfit, red gloves, and knee high Dr Martens that matched his all red microphone and microphone stand. Instantly, his voice shined in the high notes of the song and his showmanship added to the performance as a whole. One by one, Lambert and his band performed songs, without taking a breath of air or talking to the crowd, excluding the times Lambert would encourage the crowd to scream, in between verses. Lambert also had two backup dancers, Holly Hyman and Terrance Spencer who added another entertaining and fun element to the show. After performing around 9 original songs from his albums, and making one costume change, into a grey suit and black, fingerless gloves, Lambert slowed things down with his popular cover of Mad World by Tears for Fears.

Following the cover, Lambert did take a moment to talk to the crowd, for a longer amount of time. With a big grin on his face, he spoke about how when he looks out into the crowd every night he sees all these different walks of life, all brought together by music. He thanked the crowd for coming out, supporting the album and making Ghost Town a big hit. He spoke about society making us have to check off these hypothetical boxes, and mentioned that he thinks there are, “Way too many fucking boxes! It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, a man, a women, black or white, asian or latino, or anything else. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bi, trans, queer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat, a republic- well…” He paused as the crowd erupted into laughter. “No, fuck that guy!” he said as the crowd cheered him on. He continued by talking about how we are all human beings, regardless of all the boxes we check by our names. He finished his motivational speech by asking the crowd if they know what his favorite question is; In unison the crowd chanted “Whataya Want From Me!” and  they went into Whataya Want From Me, Adam Lambert-15originally by P!nk.

With a small intermission for Lambert’s third and final costume change, more electronic music played as the dancers had their chance to shine. Terrance Spencer was first to show off his skills, as he danced on a riser in the middle of the stage. Lambert made his way back on stage, wearing a button up blue, black and white tie dye shirt and matching pants, with white fingerless gloves. He performed The Light/ The Original High/ Never Close Our Eyes where Lambert’s backup dancers also acted as his backup singers. During Shady, Spencer also took over main vocals for a moment as the surprised crowd cheered him on.

As the 90 minute set was reaching it’s end, Lambert performed Trespassing, where mid way through, he both did a repeat-after-me singalong and introduced his backing band, telling the crowd he “Wouldn’t be shit without them.” One by one, each instrumentalist did a short solo as well as the dancers, who did their own solo routine. While introducing the bassist, the band went into Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust, concluding an energetic performance.

After witnessing a show like this, it is no wonder why or how Adam Lambert sold out two nights in LA and continues to grow as a musician. His fan base is one of the most loyal out there and his vocal range and performance ability is enough to attract any pop fan to a show. It’s amazing how he can fit perfectly into both the pop world with his solo stuff and be loved equally in the rock world when performing with Queen. We are definitely excited for what Adam Lambert has next, and if he is coming to your town, be sure to buy your tickets!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Adam Lambert

Alex Newell