Crown The Empire Give Baltimore, MD A Night To Remember

Crown the Empire
April 9, 2016
Baltimore Soundstage- Baltimore, MD

Clouds set in and everyone was eager to get in the doors. The line was wrapped around the building. The definition of a dedicated fan is standing in the pouring down rain in weather below 40 degrees for a couple hours, and that’s just what everyone did. It wasn’t long before 6:00 hit and the venue quickly filled with fans from various ages. The lights were low and you could feel the energy in the room. Everyone was there for the same reason, to see their favorite bands.

Opening act One Ok Rock is a Japanese pop/alternative rock band that caught everyone’s attention. Guitarist Toru Yamashita came on stage first and the crowd went wild. Next came Bass guitarist Ryota Kohama, then drummer Tomoya Kanki, and finally singer Takahiro Moriuchi. They kicked off the sold out show by pumping the crowd up even more then they already were by playing some of their hits such as Take Me To the Top and Cry Out from their latest album 35xxxv. The band ended their set and fans were sad to see them leave the stage. They left the crowd excited and ready for Crown the Empire.

The lights were dim, background music playing and fans patiently waiting. Crown the Empire gear was being setup quickly and it was only a matter of time before the band came on stage, and when they finally did the crowd lost it, you could hear voices chanting in the distance. They had been waiting for hours and their excitement was unexplainable. They started off their set by playing The Fallout and Memories of a Broken Heart. Both songs off their album The Fallout released in November of 2012. Singer David Escamilla was very energetic and had veins coming out of his neck and head during the high/low parts of the songs. Overall both bands had a terrific setlist and put on a great show. Guarantee no one will forget that night.

Review by: Lauren Driscoll

Crown the Empire

One Ok Rock