The Neighbourhood Return Home For A Phenomenal Performance

The Neighbourhood
May 11, 2016
Microsoft Theatre- Los Angeles, CA

       The Los Angeles based, R&B infused, Alt-Rock band, The Neighbourhood, best known for their singles Afraid and Sweater Weather, made their way back to their hometown on May 11, 2016. Touring to support their second full length album, Wiped Out!, the quintet and LA were equally excited for this anticipated performance.

The band entered to a grey stage, making the members hardly visible as they kicked off their 17 song set with Cry Baby from their latest album. The smog soon disintegrated away, revealing the band members who continued the set with Female Robbery and Baby Came Home. The band’s style is definitely something new and interesting. While a alt-rock crowd can enjoy their music, a hip-hop fan can also appreciate it. In 2014, the band released a mixtape, titled #000000 & #FFFFFF. This is something very unusual but also really cool for a band like the neighborhood to do; It’s also not too surprising as it matches their cool, black & white style. Their mixtape featured many of today’s popular artists including Casey Veggies, YG, G-Eazy, Danny Brown and French Montana on the song #Ican’teven, which was the Mixtape’s single. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that in between their hits like Daddy Issues, Single, and Prey, that the band would also perform several songs from the mixtape including Ican’teven, The Neighbourhood-11Jealousy and Warm. 

Lead singer, Jesse Rutherford definitely has the perfect ‘look’ of the rockstar, coming out on stage in a leather jacket, without a shirt underneath. He quickly took off the jacket, making all the girls in the crowd scream in excitement to see his uncovered, tattooed body. His vocals were really impressive and he did a great job interacting with the fans throughout the night. The production of the show is also something that should be talked about; It was incredible, put simply. The constant strobes and changing backdrops really brought the performance up a notch and really complimented the band’s style.

The set seemed to go by rather quickly, must to the fans dismay, but throughout the night, they sang and danced along, enjoying every moment of the show. If you’re into alt-rock mixed in with a bit of R&B and some hip-hop thrown into the mix, this is the show for you. Buy your tickets ASAP before they sell out!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg