Fifth Harmony & Their 7/27 Tour Soar Into Fairfax, VA

Fifth Harmony
July 29, 2016
Eaglebank Arena- Fairfax, VA

       Just before the weekend’s weather forecast became a rain on everyone’s parade, the 7/27 Tour featuring Fifth Harmony, Victoria Monet and JoJo brought a little bit of sunshine to the DMV area

Opening up the night was Victoria Monet. Although the I’ve never heard of this artist before she really had a great set of vocals on her. Accompanied by all pink lighting and some good looking backup dancers she got the crowd going as she sang a good handful of songs such as single, Made In China featuring Ty Dolla $ign off her latest EP from 2014 Nightmares & Lullabies. As well, she also performed her most recent single released back in July, Do You Like It?.

Up next was an artist I actually listened to back when I was younger. JoJo, who is making a big comeback. Her set was packed full of older and newer songs of hers. As she got the crowd really hyped up had no hesitation to just be herself on stage. JoJo played many songs from back in the day such as one of my old time favorites Leave, Get Out and Too Little Too Late. Not only did she give her older fans that were in attendance a lil flashback, she gave the crowd a good amount of some newer songs of hers Fifth Harmony-39such as her most recent single, Fuck Apologies which features Wiz Khalifa on the track and When Love Hurts.

Finally! The time had come. A bunch of fans ranging from about 5-20+ filled the stands screaming and cheering as loud as they could. All of a sudden the lights go down and on a giant LED screen showed a montage of the girls of Fifth Harmony throughout the years and their journey through success. The girls opened up with That’s My Girl as they strutted along the stage High-fiving each other in support of one another. Throughout their set they had it set up into different traveling scenarios such as Cloud 9, Fantasy Island, Mystery Island, Paradise Island, F.U.N and their one song encore, Work From Home which is their most popular radio hit right now.

The night was lovely and young. No pun intended. Overall Fifth Harmony is definitely an up and coming girl band with so much potential. I can definitely see them being the next Spice Girls or Destinys Child of this generation.

Review by: Alyssa Howell

Fifth Harmony


Victoria Monet