Young The Giant Go Acoustic For An Intimate Show In Los Angeles

Young the Giant
August 11, 2016
Amoeba Music Store- Los Angeles, CA

      Despite LA’s hot summer sun beating down yesterday afternoon, fans began lining up outside Amoeba two hours before Young The Giant graced the small stage at one of Hollywood’s most iconic record stores. The buzz of excitement from those in line waiting to see their favorite band could be heard around the corner. This would be the first audience to hear the band play live the songs from their newest album, Home of the Strange, before anyone else. Young The Giant’s 3rd album, Home of the Strange, released to the public August 12, 2016. If the recorded tracks on the album sound anything like they played last night, you’re going to want to pick one up.

Amoeba has made a name for themselves over the years among music enthusiasts and record collectors. Humbled by the turn out of admirers, lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia looked out among the packed aisles and reflected on the time they spent recording this album just down the street from Hollywood’s Amoeba Records. The band often wandered into this very store when they needed a break from recording in the studio. He said they found it to be a source for inspiration and thanked Amoeba for hosting the launch. What cooler way to kick off the release of their newest album than putting on a free show for their true fans?

DSC_3512 411For the next half hour, the aisles swayed to Young The Giant performing a relaxed acoustic set of old favorites mixed with, sure to be, new hits. Their music filled the air creating a refreshingly chill vibe inside the store. They opened with the song Amerika, one of my favorite tracks from their new album, followed by Art Exhibit played on ukulele. Something about the simple honesty of that ukulele being strummed had half the girls swooning by the end of the song. Of course everyone went nuts when the band played crowd pleasing hits from their previous albums like Cough Syrup, Firelight, and Mind Over Matter.

My toes have a tendency to curl and my jaw clench during a cappella numbers. (A natural nervous body response when anticipating dreaded pitch issues.) Surprisingly, that didn’t happen to me at their show. The a cappella start to Something To Believe In was hauntingly beautiful, putting me at ease. The band’s vocals remained consistently strong to the very last note. Gadhia’s unique voice rang out uninhibited throughout their entire set. He’s got a different tone and vibrato to his voice that’s most welcoming. Bravo to the band for supporting lead vocals with super yummy harmonies. No doubt every band member is multitalented, singing and playing more than one instrument, resulting in an authentic sound that’s a treat to listen to.

Their new songs are in no way deliberately political. Rather, they touch on personal struggles each band member has faced as immigrants and 1st generation Americans. Really, anyone who’s searched for a sense of belonging or a desire to fit in without losing your identity will be able to relate to these songs. Whatever the undertones, the messages of hope can be felt through their undeniably catchy pop melodies. I look forward to diving into their new Album. Young The Giant continues to deliver genuine talent.

Review by: Alaina Pierce