Belphegor Conjures The Dead In Hollywood

August 18, 2016
Whisky A Go-Go- Los Angeles, CA

      Belphegor is a blackened death metal band from Austria. They released their newest album Conjuring the Dead in 2014. Since their debut album in 1995, Belphegor has laid waste to the world with their songs and lyrics often referring to anti-religion, war, and Satanism. Belphegor returned to the USA after a long hiatus and were once again ready to deliver black and death metal to their legion of fans. The previous USA tour in 2014 was cancelled due to a family emergency from frontman Helmuth. Belphegor came back to the USA in 2015 with the only Southern California stop being at Knotfest. On this night of blasphemy, the world-famous Whisky A Go Go was the choice of venue for metalheads to enjoy a night of metal.

Fog covered the stage as well as skeletons covering the band’s mic stands. Belphegor came out to a packed venue and started the show with In Blood – Devour This Sanctity from their previous Blood Magick Necromance album. Helmuth would unleash his death metal vocals into the audience as they went berserk and formed a mosh pit in anticipation for the band. The band wears face paint to go with their style of music so it’s no surprise to see Helmuth with blood running down his face. All four members of the band were very active on stage as they walked around making sure they got a glance of the whole venue. Belphegor continued their raid with songs like: Belphegor – Hell’s Ambassador, Lucifer Incestus, and Conjuring the Dead. Very little was said by Helmuth in between songs, but when he did, he would speak in an evil growl to keep his character alive. Fog would continuously fill the stage and venue to where at times the band would be completely hidden by it. Fans were wild the whole night as mosh pits kept going and head bangers were seen everywhere. Belphegor kept their show interesting by having props on stage like a grail filled with a mysterious liquid, a monk swinging a thurible, and skulls. The show was coming to an end as the band played the songs Bondage Goat Zombie, Apophis – Totenbeschworer, and Totenkult – E.O. Deterioration. The show was thought to be over, but then the band came back out with Helmuth asking the fans if they wanted one more track. The fans screamed in joy and so Belphegor finished their set with Bleeding Salvation. The show ended and the band members came out to shake hands with fans and hand out guitar picks. Death and black metal fans were overjoyed to have finally gotten a chance to see Belphegor on a headlining date and for sure cannot wait for their return.

Review by: Misael Ruiz