An Intimate Night With Steve Aoki In Los Angeles, CA

Steve Aoki
September 28, 2016
Grammy Museum- Los Angeles, CA

On September 28, fans gathered in the small theater in the Grammy Museum to hear Steve Aoki speak in an intimate setting. The interview was a refreshing experience that provided great insight into his private life and tour. The interview mainly revolved around his new documentary which exhibited his extensive traveling schedule and exquisite performances. Aoki came off as a truly genuine person and he was not afraid to share his knowledge and experiences. He discussed the difficulties he had to overcome when he decided to move to LA and establish his own record label. In addition, Aoki mentioned his punk roots and how they influenced his unique EDM style. Aoki was unafraid to form a intimate connection with the audience as he shared his array of accomplishments. Although his perspective was quite fascinating to hear, the interviewer’s questions were unbearable. The interviewer kept repeating the same notions over and over and I could feel the audience cringe with disappointment. The interviewer needed to spend less time repeating himself and more time listening to everything Aoki had to say, especially since Aoki was interrupted multiple times. Nonetheless, Aoki’s humor and intellect made the interview much more bearable and provided a unique angle to his action-packed life.
Review by: Daniel Arceo