A Sold Out Night In Seattle, WA Welcomes The Kings

Fit For A King
October 8, 2016
El Corazon – Seattle, WA

A Sold Out Night In Seattle, WA Welcomes The Kings

It was a cold, rainy and crowded night when Fit For a King performed in Seattle, WA. They were opening up for Beartooth & Every Time I Die They’re a metalcore band from Tyler, Texas that started in 2007. Their style of metalcore may not be unique, but their dark vocals set them apart from others like them. I’m going to tell you about my experience when seeing them live. The show was sold out and they were just what the crowd needed.

Like I said it was a sold out night and if you have ever been to El Corazon, you can just imagine how tight it was. For those of you not from around Seattle, just imagine a room that feels like it should hold 500 people, but it tries to hold 800 people. Either way it gave the band exactly what they needed after just releasing their latest album the night before (Oct. 7th). Deathgrip is the bands 4th studio album, and they’re promoting the new album. They started off with their song Hollow King (Sound of the End) & Dead Memory. The band took a pause to talk about the new album, ask the crowd “Who has or hasn’t seen us before?” & introduced their next song as the first single Pissed Off.

All in all Fit For A King did a great job at getting the night started. The show being sold out made it much more fun for people to crowd surf. There was even a kid dressed up as a hot dog who helped a crowd surfer out! One after one, they just kept getting on the stage and were starting a circle pit. The last 2 songs the band performed were Shadows & Echoes and Slave to Nothing. I know this band will get very far and will always be welcome in Seattle!

Review by: Blair Walker