Exnations Live In Washington DC

October 22, 2016
Velvet Lounge- Washington, DC

Exnations is an alternative pop band from Baltimore, Maryland. The band is made up of three members: Josh Reich (lead singer), Gaelen Smith (guitarist), and Taylor Hughes (drummer). Exnations recently played a show at The Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC with the bands Oh Malo and The Last Year.

On Saturday night at The Velvet Lounge, the three members of Exnations took the stage after an excellent set by the band Oh Malo. As the band prepared to come onstage, the crowd of people in the audience made their way closer to the front, excited to hear the band play. Exnations opened their set by playing their debut single, Found You. Throughout the night, the band continued to play as the crowd cheered them on. Exnations played a few different songs for the duration of their set and closed with their latest single called Free. Although the set had ended, the crowd was not ready to see the three members leave the stage just yet. At the conclusion of their last song, a few people in the crowd began chanting “One more song!”, and soon enough, more people joined in. Unfortunately, the band’s last song was actually their last song of the night and the three left the stage with a roar of applause from the crowd.

As usual, Exnations played a great set with amazing energy and the crowd enjoyed every song. Their stage-presence was fun and entertaining and the music they played was upbeat. Exnations is always a pleasure to see live and is definitely a band worth checking out if they ever come to your city.

Review by: Cristina Calderon