Danny Worsnop’s First Show With Asking Alexandria In Over A Year

Asking Alexandria
October 25, 2016
Showbox Sodo – Seattle WA

    When you hear the name Asking Alexandria, you think heavy shows with lots of moshing, energy and maybe even walls of death if you are lucky. Well lucky for all the fans, it’s been 10 years and the band is still rocking harder than ever! It was only 4 days before their show kicked off in Seattle when the rumors of former front man Danny Worsnop rejoining the band were circultating. It was later confirmed by guitarist Ben Bruce that the rumors were in fact true. It looked like Seattle was going to be the first city on tour to be treated to Worsnop’s return, and Souncheck411 was there to capture it all!

It was the first night of the 10 Years in the Black Tour, kicking off at The Showbox Sodo. Many fans were shocked that Worsnop’s first show back was in Seattle because back in 2011, Worsnop was actually kicked off the stage by his own band for being too drunk. With Worsnop being back, it had many fans on their toes about how the night would go. Lucky for most, the band has been doing really well, so most were in for a treat!

The supporting acts for the tour were sure to get the crowd going. The lineup consisted of Bad Omens, Upon A Burning Body, After The Burial, I See Stars & Born of Osiris. There were so many openers, the fans knew it would a long show but well worth it with all these bands. If you have ever been to a first show of a tour, then you know what’s to come, but for those who have not, it means things might be messy and things will go wrong. There were many technical difficulties, to which I See Stars ended up cutting their set short. But that didn’t stop the night from being great and the bands doing what they’re supposed to, get aa-4the crowd hyped!

Asking Alexandria finally came out to the stage. Even with the crowd being somewhat small, all that meant was there would be an epic mosh pit. The show may have been poorly advertised or with the sudden changes to the band, people may have been upset about Denis Stoff not being there but either way the night was going to go well! Stoff joined the band after Worsnop’s  departure in January 2015. Stoff recorded the vocals for their latest album The Black, but the band decided to not perform any songs from that album even with the tour being named after it. They ended up playing a total of 12 songs from over the years, which was great for fans because some had not been performed in several years. Many of the older songs the sang were A Prophecy (Asking Alexandria self-titled) & Someone, Somewhere (Reckless and Relentless), which is always a personal favorite! These songs got the crowd going and fans were singing along and crowd surfing from all sides of the crowd. After a few songs had passed, Danny Worsnop went on to interact with the crowd and pass a few jokes along. Many were of the other band members, but they all had been friends for so long it was all in good spirit. It was great to see even after everything that had happened, they all still performed so well together, it was as if nothing had changed. The next songs were The Road, which was performed for the first time ever! The night was ended with The Final Episode and A Single Moment of Sincerity which had not been played since 2011.

Even with the few problems with the first night, the show was incredible. Worsnop being back made for a great night, and the band will do great together on the rest of the tour!

Review by: Sarina Solem