Coming Face to Face In The Northwest

Our Last Night
December 10, 2016
El Corazon- Seattle, WA

     Everyone can agree that when you get to see either your favorite band or just a killer band live, it’s pretty great. Well this winter, fans were treated with not just one great band but with 3 great bands! It was time for The Face to Face tour featuring Our Last Night, Hands Like Houses & The Color Morale. Soundcheck411 was there for an eventful weekend of PNW love from this tour!

When it was almost time for The Color Morale to start, the venue was already packed, close to selling out. Fans were ready to start crowd surfing and jumping on stage. The band released their most recent album Desolate Divine back in August and kicked off the night with Lonesome Soul from that album. The lighting was incredible for the show and made the music come alive. The night went on with 7 more songs such as Walls & Trail of Blood from Desolate Divine and ended with Strange Comfort.

The Face to Face tour was a tour consisting of co-headliners Our Last Night & Hands Like Houses, catching both shows in Seattle & Portland, the bands seemed to switch who closed the night out. In Seattle, Our Last Night was the third band to perform. The band kicked of their 13 song setlist with Prisoners and let me tell you the crowd was very ready for them to start! our-last-night-4Anytime the band went to perform, they named the song off first, which made the fans more excited, seeing as they knew they could sing along. Our Last Night has several cover songs of popular pop songs that they performed on tour such as Radioactive and Cold Water. Cold Water is popular because just over 2 months ago they put out the video for that cover that also features Trenton Woodley (Hands Like Houses) & Garret Rapp (The Color Morale) and has over a million views on Youtube so fans (myself included) were really excited to see it live. After performing that song, someone would come out with an “Applause” sign, which of course brought a lot of laughter. This band did an incredible job with their performance, lots of energy and fantastic lighting. The continued the night with their most recent single Common Ground but other songs that they performed were fan favorites like White Tiger, Younger Dreams and finished the night with Same Old War & Home. I know Our Last Night is always welcome in the NW, so many fans were jumping on stage and struggling with security to stay on and sing with the band! They did a fantastic job and I can’t wait for them to be doing bigger shows!

Now for the final performance of the night, Hands Like Houses. These guys are all the way from Canberra, Australia and the got a surprise with this weekend being very cold and full of snow in most places. With the two bands co-headlining, they both had that same length of setlist, consisting of 13 songs. They came out with performing I Am and Colourblind. Hands Like Houses formed back in 2006, and even though they have been rocking for a decade, that hasn’t stopped them from putting on a killer show! Several times when they would stop playing, their lead singer, Trenton Woodley would talk about how powerful music was and what it meant. When you’ve seen a band grow so much like these guys have, it’s really great to see what they bring to the table now. The rest of the night had songs like Grey Havens, Degrees of Separation and the night ended with Introduced Species. All in all, this tour was a fantastic night, filled with so many great bands. They all had a great flow together!  

Review by: Blair Walker

Hands Like Houses

The Color Morale

Our Last Night