DNCE’s Electrifying Set Gives “Party” A Whole New Meaning

February 3, 2017
Baltimore Soundstage- Baltimore, MD

   DNCE has been making headlines all over for quite some time now. Being the funky new band that they are, you honestly have no idea what will come from them, each time they take the stage. Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless know how to bring entertainment to the next level.

Opening up the night was Brooklyn based band called The Skins. They were funky and crazy & their sound really got the crowd off their feet and dancing. They have an EP out called Still Sleep which they played singles off it such as Go Off, Runaway and I. If you were to describe their sound, it’s a mashup between R&B, Pop and a hint of soul. Such a fantastic band to see live.

Finally the moment we all have been waiting for, it was time for DNCE to take the stage. But DNCE wasn’t who took the stage first, some “storm troopers” and a few “Darth Vaders” had to have a quick light saber fight before DNCE took the stage opening up with Naked. The night was nothing but fun and goofy dancing. DNCE played many songs off their latest full length record such as Zoom, their popular singles Body Moves and Toothbrush. As DNCE played about a 16 song set list, they ended their set with Pay My Rent as fake money- that had each band members face on it- flowed throughout the venue and the crowd went crazy to grab handfuls of it.

But the night wasn’t over yet, as they came back out to play an encore that consisted of a mini cover of the Spice Girls’ Wanna Be mashup with Oops I did It Again by Britney Spears, as of course the band ended with their most popular single Cake By The Ocean.

Review by: Alyssa Howell 


The Skins