With Confidence: Pop Punk In Abundance

With Confidence
February 26, 2017
Exchange- Bristol, England

Pop punk band With Confidence from Sydney, Australia stopped off in Bristol on their first UK/ European headline tour. Despite only being a band since 2012 they have done numerous global tours and have supported bands including You Me At Six, As It Is and The Wonder Years. Joining them on their tour were UK pop punk band Milestones, Canadian Alternative rock band Safe To Say and American pop punk band Broadside.

Opening the night was UK pop punk band Milestones fresh from their gig in Manchester supporting Taking Back Sunday earlier in the month. The band smashed through their set with high energy as well as offering a softer side as the lights were dimmed for parts of the set.  The band played songs from their most recent EP release Equal Measures. The band’s stage presence combined with their high energy, carried their performance, notably frontman Matthew John Clarke’s interaction with the crowd as well as Mark Threlfall on bass jumping, gave the crowd a show. It was a special show for the band as it was their guitarist, Drew’s birthday; a fan had baked some cakes, which was happily received by Drew before Therelfall offered them to the crowd. The future looks very bright for Milestones as they are supporting Simple Plan on their tour in the summer.

IMG_7127Next up was Canadian alternative rock band Safe To Say. They were on the pop punk scale but offered a heavier, grungier sound. This was the first time that the band had played in Bristol so it was a big occasion for them and they didn’t disappoint. They played tracks from their most recent release Down In The Dark including Only Rain as well as tracks from their EP Hiding Games including Zoey and Summer Sickness. They also played tracks off their first release With Everything In Between. The band’s heavier sound as well as their energy was well received by the crowd; notably Zoey was a crowd favorite with its catchy riffs and chorus.

The second to last act was American pop punkers Broadside. The crowd was buzzing after seeing two great performances and Broadside were no exception. The band played tracks off their latest release Old Bones including Human Machines and Come and Go. The band’s high energy and catchy riffs really got the crowd going.  Notably frontman, Ollie Baxxter’s intimacy with the crowd enhanced the band’s performance. Their track Coffee Talk was a definite crowd favorite with the crowd singing every word.

Fans eagerly awaited the headline act With Confidence. There were cheers from the crowd as the band entered onto the stage, to then disappear though the side door. A guitar riff was then heard and the crowd got even more excited as the band emerged onto the stage and opened up with the first track Voldemort off their latest release Better Weather. The whole room erupted with the crowd jumping singing every word. The band’s high energy and passion was relentless and was matched by the crowd who didn’t stop moving or singing. The band played tracks off their latest release Better Weather including tracks such as Archers, Higher and Dinner Bell. Notable mentions were the band’s chemistry and humor with each other as well as the crowd. Guitarist Luke Rockets’ didn’t stop moving and interacting with the crowd and his band mates while playing.

The band showed a more intimate side as vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley opened up to the crowd before playing the track Gravity telling how before the show he saw construction on a nearby building and it reminded him of how he works on a construction site with his Dad back in Sydney and how thankful he was that he now only has to do that part time so he can focus on his music.

The band ended their set with the final track Waterfall off their album Better Weather. To the crowd’s delight, the band came back on stage to play an encore, which consisted of the two tracks London Lights and Keeper. With confidence are definitely going places and are ones to watch.

Review by: Anthony Shaw 

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