Super Duper Tour With Kyle

April 25, 2017
The Showbox Market – Seattle, WA

     On Tuesday, it was a typical Seattle day, rain on and off, but thousands of people wondering around Pike Place Market without a care in the world. But something a lot more entertaining was going to commence that night. That’s right, it was time for the Super Tour ft. KYLE, Brick, and Cousin Stizz and Soundcheck411 was there to capture it all.

The night was sold out, so sold out that the tour had to be moved to a bigger venue, The Showbox Market. The line formed early, and no matter the weather, fans were anticipating the show; It had been over a year since Super Duper Kyle has performed in Seattle. Writing about concerts can sometimes be challenging, but his show is so unique and different, it is easy to share about the experience.

Once doors opened, the show began with Cousin Stizz. Stizz had an incredible demeanor on stage and new to seeing him, I was impressed with his live performance. He performed songs such as Head Lock and Fresh Prince. Following Stizz, was Brick. Brick is a friend, DJ, and hype man all in one person. Brick is amazing at getting the crowd TURNT and changing the atmosphere to completely lit, he truly does it all!

Just as the crowd was chanting “WAVY” the lights went low and the beginning of Doubt It began playing. Finally, KYLE came out and started the show. It is hard to describe how hype the crowd was but let me tell you, you could feel the floor moving. Kyle had a 16 song set list consisting songs such as All Right, Focus On You and Fruit Snack & Cups of Patron. The Super Duper team is known for having an amazing light show, and affects for the performance. But for this tour, it was x100 for how well it was. They had a screen behind Kyle that was consistently having moving images while Brick was on top busting out the beats.

Kyle edit-10Kyle had a surprise for a special cover song he was going to perform. He brought all he lights down, and spoke to the crowd about how an artist he loves, Kid Cudi, showed him that you can just be a nice rapper that spreads happiness, which then led him into his cover of Pursuit of Happiness. Personally one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen, with all of the lights down, and all the fans phones flashlights shining it was a beautiful sight.

The last few songs that were performed were Superduperhero which features Brick & Endless Summer Symphony which consisted of Kyle literally crowd surfing. They brought out a giant surfboard, had fans hold it up, and he jumped onto it- man did the crowd just lose it when this happened. Something that is obvious in this show’s atmosphere and the crowd, is that it is hard to feel alone being surrounded by hundreds of people that are there to just truly enjoy a happy night full of smiles. Just before ending his set, Kyle saw a sign that read “iSpy with my little eye, a rapper I can never get because he gets too many likes” & immediately that was shut down, Kyle said “You will never have to worry, I’m never going to be a rapper you can’t get because I get too many likes”.

Just as fans were starting to leave and thought the show was over, the encore started. Of course it started with his current most popular song iSpy ft. Lil Yachty. Did the fans really think he wouldn’t play that song? And the final song of the night was Really? Yeah! But just before that started, Kyle spoke about how it’s great if you found him through his song with Lil Yachty but he wants those fans to take a step back, so that the day one fans can move forward!

The entire team that made The Super Tour go so well, keeps it original. Something that was very noticeable from the beginning, Brick and Kyle take a lot of time in making sure they are the same page. When they dance, they are completely synchronized. The night was filled with jokes being made and if they weren’t performers, they would need to have their own show because the pair is hilarious.

In the end, Super Duper is truly a special group of people that don’t stop at just the performers. Everyone involved comes together to out a show that everyone can be proud of. I truly recommend checking out KYLE.

Review by: Blair Walker