Slayer, Lamb Of God & Behemoth Take Baltimore By Storm…Literally

July 28, 2017
Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore MD

     Well the weather prediction of torrential downpours were 100% accurate, but that didn’t stop these hardcore Slayer, LOG and Behemoth fans from bracing the rain and enjoying the show. The only downside to this particular show is the shitty venue choice, a seated metal show… fans definitely weren’t impressed by the fact they had to head bang from their seats.

As fans tried to stay dry, most tried to push into the Pavilion as Behemoth took the stage first. The band opened up with Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer. Their set was dark but their props such as their mic stands were really cool as two cobra heads stood on both sides of the middle part of the stand. Not only was there set interesting so were their “costumes” that consisted of black cloaks and bloody faces. Usually for opening bands not many people are “into it” but these metal heads were very into Behemoth. The band played a total of a short seven songs consisting of Messe Noire, Ov Fire and the Void and their closing song Chant for Eschanton 2000.

Up next was a very popular band amongst the crowd, Lamb Of God. To set things straight, vocalist, Randy Blythe was NOT a fan of the venue choice at all. All seats and no moshing. Definitely not something you see at a metal show. A handful of songs performed during their time on stage was songs such as Laid To Rest, Blacken the Cursed Sun and Walk With Me in Hell. The energy from this band really gave Slayer something to live up to during their performance, as Blythe ran from one side of the stage to the other and jumps off his stand occasionally. Only playing ten songs they sure got the crowd all rowdy and ready for Slayer. LOG ended their set with Redneck.

After a short intermission, the curtain had risen then fallen as Slayer took the stage opening up with an intro of Delusions of Savior then immediately into Repentless. Despite not having the same amount of energy that Lamb Of God’s set gave off and despite their age, the guys of Slayer still proved to be some insanely talented metal heads. Did I mention it finally stopped raining at this point? I’m sure there was a massive mud pit going on in the lawn and fans seemed to not be bothered by it. During their time on stage Slayer obviously had a heftier setlist, a good nineteen songs they played. To name a few, some songs played throughout the night were Hate Worldwide, Mandatory Suicide, Dead Skin Mask and they closed out the night with Angel of Death.

Review by: Alyssa Howell


Lamb of God