Evanescence With Live Orchestra In Los Angeles, CA

October 15, 2017
Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

      Evanescence is a rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2003, they released their debut album, Fallen, which skyrocketed their popularity and is their most successful album to date. The band is set to release their fourth studio album on November 10, 2017 titled, Synthesis. The album will feature almost all previously released material reworked with an orchestral arrangement and electronica music elements. The album will also include two new songs titled Hi-Lo and Imperfection. With the announcement of the new album, Evanescence embarked on a massive USA tour and an upcoming Europe tour. This tour will be extra special because Evanescence is bringing along a full orchestra to promote the album and give fans a chance to hear old favorites being played by an orchestra. The second stop on the tour was the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and the venue was quickly packed with fans eager to see Evanescence.

Evanescence-17The lights went out and the packed venue erupted into a roar and the orchestra made their way to the stage followed by the band members. Singer Amy Lee was the last to come out in a beautiful dress and she got the loudest cheer from the audience. Lee sat on her chair as she started playing the piano with the lights above solely focusing on her. Evanescence started the show with the classic opera intro Overture which transcended into the first song of the show, Never Go Back from their previous self-titled album. Even with a full orchestra, the music maintains the same feeling that fans first fell on love with and was only improved by Lee’s beautiful voice that was on point the whole night. The second song performed was Lacrymosa followed by End of the Dream. Aside from how beautiful the music sounded, the entire performance was lit up by a beautiful array of strobe lights and backdrops that were different to each song and kept you wowing during the whole show. The crowd came to life with cheers as Lee played the familiar piano intro to the band’s biggest hit, Bring Me to Life. The song earned the band a Grammy at the 46th Grammy Awards for Best Hard Rock Performance and earned them massive radio play throughout the world.

Evanescence would continue to play songs from their catalog which included Lithium, Your Star, Imaginary, and the new song, Hi-Lo. The performance as a whole was a work of art; between the lights & the orchestra’s flawless playing, to Lee’s beautiful voice. It was all rolled up into one perfect package. Evanescence next played My Immortal which is one of the band’s most popular songs and also one of their most beautiful songs. It was perhaps the most beautiful song of the night. Evanescence finished up the show with the other new song Imperfection, Lee thanked the audience for coming out, then left the stage. Just about everyone stayed in their seats and not too long later, Lee came back out with her band members to play some encores. Lee showed how grateful she was for all her fans and everyone that came out. The first encore performed was Speak to Me, an original song written by Lee specifically for the 2017 independent movie, Voice from the Stone. This was also the first time that the song had been performed live. The next encore was Good Enough and the show concluded with Swimming Home. Lee introduced her band members and various members from the orchestra. They all bowed to the audience as everyone stood up and cheered for the amazing performance that was just witnessed. Evanescence has barely started this special orchestra tour so if you’re a fan of the band, it is definitely worth checking out.

Review by: Misael Ruiz