Sleeping With Sirens Perform To Intimate Crowd In Vancouver, BC

Sleeping With Sirens
February 6, 2018
Vogue Theatre- Vancouver, BC

    Currently on a world tour for their fifth studio album Gossip, Sleeping With Sirens performed to an intimate crowd at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre on Tuesday night. This was the band’s first time ever performing in the Canadian city which might have been the reason why the crowd was much smaller than any show I have ever seen them perform in America.

I’m used to seeing fans waiting in line all day to get a good spot up close, but this was not the case in Vancouver! The band performed a variety of old and new songs that had the fans dancing throughout their entire set – seriously there was a mosh pit even during some of the bands slower songs!

It was surprising to see the band perform sixteen songs within their hour long set which also included a few little inspiring speeches and of course and encore! Despite the small crowd and short set time the venue was filled with energy on stage and off! Fans were especially ecstatic when they saw Kellin Quinn repping band merch from Chase Your Words a local band that was the first band to be signed to Quinn’s record label – Pretty Rad Records. If you’re ever in the mood to go to a show, Sleeping With Sirens are always fun to see live and always bring out amazing openers such as Set It Off and The Gospel Youth on this run. This tour is almost over but since the album just came out keep an eye out for the band to announce more dates!
Review By: Sarina Solem