Metalachi Interview


April 4, 2014

Whisky A Go-Go: Los Angeles, CA


            There are few bands in this world that you could look at or see their name and think, “What are they supposed to be?” One of those bands is the band known as, Metalachi. So who is Metalachi? They are 5 men that do a fusion of rock and metal covers using mariachi instruments as well as play classic mariachi music. Their costumes take after a classic mariachi look mixed in with KISS, Gwar, and Rob Zombie. Sounds a bit odd at first, but once you see them live for yourself and are open-minded about music, you will see that they are a very interesting and fun band to see. The Sunset Strip witnessed the debauchery that Metalachi causes at the legendary Whisky a Go Go on May 4, 2014 as part of a Cinco de Mayo concert.


            Metalachi came on stage at 11pm and were immediately greeted and welcomed by their fans both old and new as one by one they took their places and prepared to give their audience an amazing show. Metalachi started their set with a classic Mariachi song called, Guadalajara, but instead changed the title to Metalachi. After the quick intro, they jumped straight into the Dio classic, Rainbow in the Dark which was perfectly executed using their mariachi instruments instead of traditional rock and metal music instruments. Throughout the night, Metalachi played many well-known songs such as: Breaking the Law (Judas Priest), Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth), Master of Puppets/Nothing Else Matters/Enter Sandman (Metallica), Raining Blood (Slayer) and Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine). Metalachi is known for their hilarious speeches between songs and their topics include women, boobs, and life stories and they also mock each other which adds to the fun and party of the show. 


            One of their show highlights is when they bring up a random woman from the audience and sit her down on a chair and basically violate her while playing a song (not that the woman doesn’t like what they do to her). Metalachi always delivers a fun and entertaining show and if they ever happen to come to your area, they are highly recommended as long as you’re not easily offended by their sexual and stereotype jokes.


Before the show started, I was able to conduct an interview with the band and was able to get an insight as to how they are as a band and got answers to questions I’ve been to asking so I will share their answers with you all. They were very interesting to interview.


Soundcheck411:  How did you all meet?

    Metalachi: We’re all brothers. We’re half-brothers; we all have the same mom, but different dads so I grew up with all these fuckin’ putos right here. That’s why we hate each other and love each other at the same time.


SC411: How did you come up with idea to form Metalachi?

    Metalachi: Well, you know, like we used to play mariachi a lot when we were young and stuff you know and we were really disappointed because we would play like La Negra and songs from Pedro Infante and Chente (Vicente Fernandez) and like we weren’t getting a lot of chichis (boobs) from the music, but once we started to play some Black Sabbath, then all these abuelitas would flash their little tortilla chichis at us, you know. Then we said, hey, you know, I think we should do more of this stuff so we can see more chichis. Then we started doing more metal and better quality chichis started to pop out. You don’t really see too many chichis at quinceñeras or velorios and shit.


SC411: How would you describe your live show to someone that has never been to a Metalachi show?

El Cucuy: They’re gonna come and have a good time, they’re gonna see a good band, good music, and they’re probably gonna see a lot of chichis at our show and they’re gonna have a really good time.

Vega: It is a show, but I think it’s more like a party, you know?  We don’t only play music, we also like to have fun with the audience and shit, you know? Bring some chicks on stage and get some chichis flashed onto us.

Maximillian ‘Dirty’ Sanchez: If a guy brings a chick to the show, guaranteed, she’s gonna get laid by either that guy or one of us.


SC411:  You released your album, UNO, are you looking to release more albums in the near future?

Maximillian ‘Dirty’ Sanchez: As soon as we learn how to count to two, we’re gonna release a second album. So right now we can only count to one so we got UNO so like when I learn my matematicos (mathematics) and stuff, then we’re gonna come out with a second album.

El Cucuy: We’re working on our new stuff now and our next album is gonna come out probably by the end of the year. Right now we have enough stuff to make like 5 more albums.

Vega: We’re gonna hopefully have some special guests on the CD and we’re gonna have some original songs as well.


SC411: Your primary stops are places like the West Coast, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Would you be looking to tour in the middle/eastern USA and out of the country like Canada or even Europe in the near future?

El Cucuy: That’s our number 1 thing. As soon as we get out papers, we’re there man.

Maximillian ‘Dirty’ Sanchez: The more flavors of tacos, the better.

Vega: First, I gotta marry a legal cougar and then get my papers and then I’ll be able to go to Mexico again and come back.

El Cucuy: We did a show in Las Vegas and we had a lot of people from overseas come to the show and they’re like: Ey, you guys have got to come to Australia, to England, and to Asia. I was like, hey, you know what, just take us over there and we’ll do it. I hope so man, so if you know anybody, tell them that we’re ready for it. We’re ready for European chichis, hairy armpits and all.

Maximillian ‘Dirty’ Sanchez: We want some international chichis.

Review and Interview by: Misael Ruiz

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