Tool Performs In Los Angeles For The First Time In 9 Years

October 21, 2019
Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA

    “Who the fuck is Tool?” puzzled Taylor Swift fans asked on Twitter earlier this year when Tool overtook Swift on the Billboard charts after releasing their first album in 13 years. As the metal community laughed at the irked teenage girls, they also rejoiced for some new Tool music- which came via a 10 song album called Fear Inoculum. 

With a new album comes a tour and being that Tool hasn’t released any new music in over a decade, it was proven that their fans are still extremely loyal- selling out two nights of one of LA’s biggest venues, The Staples Center. Night one on October 20th was the band’s first time performing in LA in 9 years, and we were there to cover the second night. 

The band was very prompt, with lights dimming exactly at 8:45, while a light curtain circled the stage. Tool began the set with Fear Inoculum with lead singer, Maynard James Keenan standing perched up on a platform adjacent to drummer Danny Carey throughout the show. Keenan didn’t need to be center stage to be the center of attention, however, as his spiked hair, make-up, plaid pants, and most importantly, his vocal range stole the show. 

“That wasn’t an earthquake- that was just us,” Keenan joked after the first song. It was one of the last times he’d engage in small talk with the audience for the rest of the evening. 

A huge LED screen covered the entire area behind the stage, with creepy graphics rolling throughout the show. Light beams shot through the venue and a 3-D moving star hovered above the stage as well, providing a visual experience, as well as a musical one. The amount of production that went into this show was unbelievable. 

Drummer, Danny Carey sounded like a beast. Never have I heard drums sound so precise and sharp and loud- and the way he flowed with bassist Justin Chancellor was enthralling. 

The band busted out their hits like The Pot, Schism, Parabola and performed severa; new songs including Chocolate Chip Trip which was Carey’s time to shine being that the song is basically a drum solo. As the set neared its end, for Stinkfest, Keenan allowed the crowd to bring out their cell phones, which were previously off limits for photos/filming during the show. 

It isn’t common for a band to retain such loyalty for over a decade with no new music- especially in today’s day and age where things trend and disappear in a matter of days. But tonight proved why Tool is unlike any other artist and you’ll only know for yourself if you experience their live show. 

Review by: Nicole Lemberg