Soundcheck411.com was founded by Nicole Lemberg in the summer of 2010 and began as a one person site all about concerts. Nicole photographed, reviewed and interviewed artists. Two years later in 2012, with a re-designed site, she started to add contributors to the site to review, photograph and interview bands and concerts from all over the world.

We now have contributors from California, all the way to Finland and everywhere in between so FANS can get concert coverage almost daily.

The site, along with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are constantly updated with photos of concerts, album release parties, artist interviews, reviews,and much more.

As our contributors are not only photographers and writers, they are also all huge fans of music. We understand that fans don’t just want to see photographs and reviews of bands, so we always try our best to bring the artists to them; with contests almost every other month, giving away either drum sticks or signed photographs, the fans can really get a unique prize.

The team of contributors are always photographing all sorts of genres, rap to rock and everything in between. So stay tuned to see your favorite artist’s interview, review, photo gallery, contests or all 4!

For tips, hate mail, or if you want to contribute, email: