Sunset Strip Music Festival Interview


Kayla:This is Nicole and Kayla from and we are here with Vanaprasta.

Nicole: Are you guys currently working on any new albums, or plan on working on any?

Vanapratsa: We basically have any album that we completed, like a couple of weeks ago that we’re ganna release sometime next year. We have Echo of Residency next September that we’re ganna be doing that will have a 7-inch with two songs from the album. So that’s pretty much what we’re doing right now.

Nicole: How are these songs on the new album going to be different then other songs?

Vanaprasta: Well this is technically our first album, we released the EP a couple months ago that was prob. more of a process of trying to figure out what we’re trying to do.- It was a sweet introduction to maybe what your going to hear.- This ones a lot more, I think dynamic, civilized, has a lot more meaning sounds like we sound like vive which is a really important issue for us.

Kayla: Do you guys have like a big inspiration for the album?

Vanapratsa: Us. The whole album is just about our experiences weather in our whole life or just together. One song has a lyric which has kind of an explanation of each of us. That’s all together in one song.- This is the first time that I’m now forming the shapes so, you know, there’s a lot of that idea of trying to, move forward and feel civilized.

Nicole: So how did you come up with the bands name?

Vanaprasta: I was driving home after like on of our rehearsals and there was this talk radio and this philosopher was talking about this hidden you know philosophy called Vanaprasta. His interpretation was just use the past parts of your life and the present parts of your life to influence your future. And that was basically just a symbolic sort of meaning to what our sound is like because we have a lot of old music influence and a lot of new music influence to influence the future.

Nicole: Alright, so this is a pretty big venue, the Whole Sunset Strip! How does this compare to smaller venues for you guys?

Vanapratsa: Honestly, I don’t know what do you guys think? – Actually we haven’t played The Key Club yet before, so we’re really excite. It’s a really great stage and ya, it should be fun. We like playing the smaller venues to you know, there could be a great experience you know with the energy in there, when it’s packed in. Either way we just love to play live.

Nicole: You guys don’t have a favorite- bigger or smaller venues?

Vanaprasta: In LA, or just anywhere?

Nicole: Anywhere.

Vanaprasta: Troubadour. Ya, the Troubadour! The Troubadour is a really fun venue. The crew that works there is very passionate about making a band sound the way you want them to sound and it makes you really comfortable on stage and its such a hard thing to come by sometimes because how many bands are playing at this club, people don’t even care anymore, they just want to get their music going and that’s one of my favorites, the Troubadour. They’re just so passionate about the sound, just as passionate as we are about our sound.

Nicole: Are you guys planning on watching anyone preform today?

Vanaprasta: Smashing Pumpkins for sure. There are a lot of bands playing, a band called White Arrows are playing at the Key Club, I don’t know but I really wanna go by there to see.- We played with a couple of band who are here from the East Side, several times so it’s great to share this Sunset Strip Music Festival with friends that are also playing here.

Nicole: Cameryn your last name sounds like it’s Ukrainian. Are you from a Ukrainian decent?

Vanaprasta: No, I’m from Portland. Ya, I don’t know what it is. Everyone thinks I’m Canadian but I think I’m Ukrainian, yes.

Nicole: Alright, well Kayla is going to ask you the remaining questions so,

Kayla: Did you guys always think you would become performers or did you think you would be doing something else?

Vanaprasta: Relativity I thought I was going to get into Studio Production and that’s how I met him (points to Cameryn) because we were working in Studio together and he joined a band and brought me along. – I mean I was doing this since I was 9 years old, singing professionally and that’s how I made my living growing up but ya, I always thought I would be doing this I would have nothing else to do but I’m definitely having a good time.

Kayla: Do you guys look up to anyone?

Vanaprasta: Yes a lot of people. I think the biggest influence would probably be I think Pink Floyd’s stuff that was a big turning point in my life. I was even influenced by a lot of local Hawaiian music because it was more laid back and it was a great feeling so that was a huge influence on me. – Micheal Jackson was a big influence on me for sure man. Micheal Jackson, really enjoyed him. I had every single one of his records when I was a kid. He was a great performer. – All of us here had big influences. – We could go on for days.

Kayla: We are excited to watch you guys!
Vanaprasta: We are excited to have you guys join us!