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Interview with Yesod Williams.

Nicole Lemberg: Are you working on any new albums?

Yesod Williams:We just built our own studio so we’re always working on new material whether it is music or not

N: If so, when does it come out?

Y:This is yet to be determined, ASAP, but we wanna make sure it’s absolutely perfect!

N:How will it differ from your latest album?

Y:It will be better I hope 🙂 If you’ve heard our EP we just released October 12, called stitches, that’s a good example of what to expect

N: You’ve played all sorts o f venues, do you prefer the bigger or smaller ones?

Y: I like both, it’s good to be able to switch it up, then you never get sick of one or the other

N: Do you have a favorite place to play? (City, State, Venue)

Y: of course our home in Hawaii, we’ll be back there in December doing shows for volcom’s volcanic rock tour, can’t wait!

N:You shared the stage with lots of different bands including Slightly Stoopid, 311, Flogging Molly and I saw you perform at the 91X Fest in San Diego this year so you’ve played with tons of bands. Is there any 1 band you would love to tour with?

Y: Queens of the stone age with Dave Grohl playing drums would be a dream!

N: The last time I saw you, you were dressed as life guards and I recently saw some pictures of you guys performing with doctors outfits. It seems to always be a new theme. How do you come up with what to wear?

Y: I think it comes from having way to much free time on our hands, HA!                      

N: How did you come up with the name Pepper?

Y: It’s from a early 90’s Saturday night live episode, we love us some comedy, laughing makes the world go round

N: Were your parents supportive when you started Pepper?

Y: Completely, we all come from musical families so they couldn’t be prouder!

N: While touring, do you ever get tired of each other?

Y: It’s a relationship ya know, you have your ups and downs but at the end of the day you gotta pinch yourself and remember, hey, we get payed to play music, how amazing! And that’s the bottom line!

N: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t a musician?

Y: Waiting tables back in Kona, exactly what we were doing before the band.            

N: Do you have any unusual backstage requests?

Y: Ice cream cake, jamoca almond fudge

N: What’s the strangest thing a fan has done for/ to you?

Y: Once this lady tried to give us her newborn, but we refused cause I don’t think we’d be good parents

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