Slightly Stoopid Photos & Interview

Slightly Stoopid Perform on Nov. 20, 2010 at the Roxy in LA

Interview with Ryan “Rymo” Moran- Drummer

Nicole Lemberg: Are you working on any new albums?

Ryan Moran: Yeah, we have been working on some new music at our new studio in San Diego.  It’s been nice for us to take our time and develop ideas in our own place.  Usually you are in a studio that is costing tons of money so there is always a push on time and effort.  This way we work on our own schedule and get things sounding the way we want.

N: Any ideas when it might come out?

R: We are aiming for a release next year.  Most likely fall sometime…

N: How will it differ from your last album?

R:  Every album is different in that it is a captured moment in time.  We are all growing and changing as people and musicians so naturally the music will reflect that change.  I feel that the upcoming album will be more developed and more broad in terms of styles and genres.

N: Music or Lyrics first?

R:  Depends on the song.  But typically we write the music and the lyrics are sung later.

N: How do you arrange the songs on your CD’s? Random or in a certain order?

R: You try to create a flow between songs and styles that make sense.

N: You guys played tons of places. From KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Xmas to the Roxy Theater tonight. How is the atmosphere between the two types of venues different?

R:   Every venue carries It’s own power and vibe and energy.  for example, if you walk in to the Roxy, you know that some heavy weight players have been in that room and have performed well.  So you have to play your best no matter what kind of room you are in.  Whether there are 30 people, or 30,000 you have perform your best.

N: Do you like playing big festivals or small venues?

R: I like the energy in the bigger venues and festivals.  I really like the festivals because you can go watch other bands before or after you perform.  Small venues are cool too, just different.  The intimacy is key.  You are 5 feet away from the kids going crazy.  It’s a cool interaction.

N: You played shows with Sublime, Snoop Dogg, Pennywise and Dave Matthews band just to name a few so is there  any 1 band you would love to play with?

R: Tthere are tons.  I can’t even think of one.  If you are good, and put a good live show on, we are down.

N: How did you come up with the name Slightly Stoopid? What does it mean?

R:   Picture about 4 or 5 16 year old dudes sitting around laughing, tossing band names around.

N: Did you have any different name ideas?

R:  I’m sure…

N: What made Slightly Stoopid sound better than the rest?

R: It’s funny and people don’t forget it…

N:   Were your parents supportive when you decided to be in a band?

R:  At times yes.  They knew it was what I’ve always wanted to do.  I enjoy being on stage and performing.

N: If I say, “Your Biggest Fan,” Is there a certain person that comes to your mind?

R:  No.  We have the best fans. I’d say our biggest fans are our supporters, friends and family.

N: Do you have any strange backstage requests?

R:  No green m n m’s !!! hhaahaha.  Just some beer and Jagermeister and snacks.

N: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

R:  We have some seriously dedicated fans.  The fact that they come out to shows is the best.  They’ll travel hours to come to shows.