Big B and Unwritten Law 1/1/11

Big B opens for Unwritten Law on January 1st 2011 at The Roxy on Sunset Strip.

After the first 2 opening bands Sozay and The Darlings performed, people roamed around The Roxy Theater on 1/1/11 mingling with friends, getting drinks at the bar, listening to the DJ and waiting for both Big B and Unwritten Law.

At around 9:30- 10 the lights dimmed and the curtains lifted. The pit became tighter every second as people moved closer.

The lights shined and the band broke into an intro song leading up to “Cali” and Big B stormed on stage into the song. The crowd went crazy and sang the lyrics. He thanked the crowd for coming out and after about 6 songs he asked the crowd if he could bring a friend out to help him with a song. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law came on the stage and they sang “Sinner” After the song Big B let the crowd know,

“People think that was a flaw, but we could do it again!”

Big B and Russo went straight into “For Tonight” from the new album “Good Times and Bad Advice” The set was about 14 songs from various albums such as Renegade, American Underdog, Good Times and Bad Advice, etc. The band thanked the crow once again and left the stage.

It was around 10:30 when Unwritten Law came out. The curtains once again lifted and each member made their way on stage one by one. Behind the drum set there were lights and a banner which read “Happy Fucking New Year” and once each member took their rightful spot on stage and wasted no time as they began the set with the fast rock song “Up All Night” from one of their older albums “Elva” released in 2002. Without pause the band went from fast song to faster song. It wasn’t long before the crowd started to mosh. The punk song “Teenage Suicide” instantly got the crowd going crazy. Moshing and shouting lyrics. By The 4th song “Blame it On Me” the first crowd surfer surfed his way up onto the stage. The band paid no attention and continued on with the song. Throughout the 18 song set the band played songs from 1994 albums up to the latest album “Here’s to the Mourning” Most songs played were from the 2002 album Elva which was more of a hard rock album. Overall all the performing bands put on a high energy show and interacted with the crowd frequently which made the performances all the more better.

Big B Setlist Unwritten Law Setlist

Intro                        WTL                                 Up All Night                 Lost Counter

Cali                          May Day                          Teenage Suicide           World War 3

White Trash                                                      Rescue Me                   Swan Song

Let it Rain                                                         Star Ships                     She Says

S- State                                                            Seein’ Red                   Save Me

Sinner w/ Russo                                                Mean Girl

For Tonight w/ Russo                                       Shoulda

Out Law                                                           Celebration

Put Em Up                                                       Never mind

Hooligan                                                           Cailin

Before I Leave                                                 Underground