Contest: Photo signed by Andy Six

Congrats to our three winners, Taylor, Elisabeth, and Lexxii

Here were their entries

1st place, Taylor wrote:

“Well, after reading a portion of the other entries and nearly peeing myself when I first heard of this contest, I’ve finally decided to enter.

Why should I win? Saying I should win seems to say I have some amazing story as opposed to everyone else. Which I don’t. Why I would like to win, however, I can outline here.
First, if I won, I might just pee everywhere (perhaps a bit too much information, but it’s probably true). I’ve really, really loved Black Veil Brides for the past two years, and only just managed to go see them live at Warped Tour (unfortunately, they didn’t do a signing that day). It was an amazing time, I found that Andy is a tease on stage, and it was the best way to lose one’s concert virginity. I’ve never really had an opportunity to get anything like this, and I’d trade you my soul for it. Come on. Everyone likes souls. And every time I come to this page, I smile. My mother thinks I’m plotting. I’d like for her thoughts to be put at ease with proof.
I remember when I first saw the BVB concert photos on DA. Looking back on it, I’m really glad I added it to my favorites there and then followed Soundcheck411 on Facebook. I might never have had the chance to have a moment of pure glee over this without realizing that I was too late for the contest. But I’m not this time.
Well, I hope that I win. The kind of hope where you squeal at the thought of it (Yes, that annoying kind of hope,) and even if it’s not first place, I’d still be incredibly delighted. And maybe pee.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this, and for taking the time to read over this entry. c:”

2nd place Elisabeth wrote:

“Well first off, the main reason for me entering this contest is because of my boyfriend and I are huge fans of BVB. If I won this photo, it would be for my boyfriend because he has been going through hell this past year. He loves BVB and is bi, and because of those two things (which contributes to the way he dresses) he’s constantly told by people that he’s a fag and  is full of sin and will go to hell just because of it. Even his father tells him he’s not his son and that he wants to DISOWN him for the way he is. As for me, I’ve been a HUGE fan since summer of 2010. One of my IMVU friends played “Knives & Pens” and so I checked them out and I was immediately hooked. I haven’t had the best of luck with going to their concerts of meeting them or anything though….:( They’ve inspired me so much and keep me sane through all the stress I deal with. Andy Biersack is my #1 inspiration. My biggest dream is to meet all of them and show them my artwork so that I may get their comments and critique! But that’s besides the point, this would be a gift for my boyfriend and I, hell, HE would absolutely love this. This would really lift his spirit. So please consider me for this autographed photo. My boyfriend and I would really appreciate it.”

@Brock42 @Soundcheck411 Me with my photo of @AndyBVB I won in the contest.

3rd place, Lexxii wrote:

“I would love to win this contest because Black Veil Brides is a huge inspiration to me. Thier music has helped me through the hardest parts of my life, and I listen to their music and feel such a strong dedication towards them, that having an autographed photo would simply be a dream come true. Through Black Veil Brides’ lyrics, Ive found a sense of peace and closure Ive never had before. Andy’s voice sets the mood and expressed such emotion that it can take anyones breath away. The way Ashley rocks on that bass makes your head spin. The way Jake and Jinxx jam out makes you just want to listen to every cord. And who could forget the newest member? Christian hammers those drums so lous and never misses a bear. When it all comes together in the end, this band was meant to be together. They were meant to Rock N Roll, and they were meant to change the world. They have truely set the world on fire with their one-of-a-kind vision, and I cant imagine my life without the way theyve touched my heart. They are the reason I keep going, and strive to be all I can be. BVB Army forever <3

Thanks so everyone who participated, and stay tunes for more contest such as this.

When will I know when I can win another BVB photo/ any other bands?

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Enter the contest to win a photo signed by Andy Six, lead singer of Black Veil Brides

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When: You can enter the contest until August 30th, 2011

1st place gets a signed photo of Andy Six
2nd place gets their choice of two of our photos of the band
3rd place gets their choice of one of our photos of the band

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The more entries we get the more photo we will give out! We are seeing Black Veil Brides on August 20th and if they sign some more photos, they will be given away as well!

So get your friends to enter, again, the more entries, the more prizes! Good luck everyone!