Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson- Up Close & Personal Tour September 1st 2011 @ The Greek Theater

As fans rushed to the Greek Theater on 9/1/11 for Janet Jackson’s largest world tour, “Up Close & Personal”, cars weren’t moving on green lights. All the streets were completely packed! It took about 15 minutes to get from block to block. As cars approached the Greek Theater, fans parked their cars and took off running, many in their high heels, fearing the Janet Jackson started performing.

Janet Jackson was scheduled to perform at 8:30-10:30. Luckily she must have found out about the traffic situation and delayed the show. It wasn’t until 9:10 when the opening music started to play. As fog and different lights filled the stage, the TV screen turned on. It was a video of Janet and her brother Michael Jackson dancing and singing together. A speaker in the background of the stage turned on and with Jackson’s voice said,

“Are you ready LA?”

As the fans cheered, the video on the screen finished with Janet and Michael hugging one another.

“I hope you guys have as much fun as I do tonight!” The speaker echoed through the stands.

One by one Janet’s dancers come out on stage and finally Janet did as well. Fans went insane, everyone standing and everyone cheering. Her band started to play while she sang and danced around the stage. She came down from the top of the stage to the lower section, closer to the fans and dancers come on stage.

Everyone was danced and sang along to her songs. It was clear that the fans did enjoy the night as much as Janet did, and many of them probably enjoyed it more.