Ke$ha and LMFAO

LMFAO and Ke$ha on September 17th 2011

Around 8:00pm on September 17th 2011, the Gibson Amphitheater in CA, was packed with fans, waiting for LMFAO and Ke$ha. Fans were covered in glitter, makeup in all sorts of neon colors, short skirts, and 6 inch heels, many of whom were no older than 16. Though many of the fans were teens, there was a variety of people from teens to mid 40’s!

As opener Spank Rock finished their set, fans rushed to buy more drinks. close to 8:15pm, dubstep music started to play and fans ran to their seats, many spilling their beers. The screams of fans were louder by the second and the 2 members of LMFAO ran onto the stage, with their dancers following behind. Throughout LMFAO’s set, the 2 members interacted with fans, constantly throwing things to them, including inflatable Zebra’s which matched singers Redfoo’s Zebra print pants. They also threw shirts and Styrofoam hands. Both rappers/ singers, Redfoo and Sky Blu, danced, sang and interacted with the crowd and it was a solid performance that the crowd clearly enjoyed.

After their performance, people were so energized, many started shuffling, a dance that LMFAO created in their song, Party Rock Anthem. So many people were dancing and shuffling, security couldn’t control it. People ran from their seats, toward the soundboard, and filled up the entire walking area, where it became a huge fire hazard. It took tons of security and about 10 minutes to clear everyone.

Close to 9:15, the lights dimmed and the cheers started up again. Ke$ha stood on top of a platform playing the keyboards. Fans screamed, though all they could see of her was a silhouette and her light up glasses. Lights, flashed everywhere, mostly strobes, and then many greens and reds, almost as if it were a rave. Throughout her first song, that’s all that fans saw. After the first song, the lights went up, and she made her way down the stairs from her platform. She sang through a microphone which autotuned her voice and she danced with her dancers. After her 2nd song she told the crowd,

“I want to see all of you on your worst behaviors tonight!”

The crowd cheered and Ke$ha continued to entertain them with her dance moves, and surprisingly, with her guitar playing. Not even 4 songs into her set, people lay passed out, outside the Gibson, many not even of the legal drinking age. They must have listened to Ke$ha when she told them to be one their worst behavior. Too bad they won’t remember anything of the performances.