MC Lars

MC Lars performs at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on September 27th 2011

Being right on time, MC Lars took the stage with his band mates at 9:55 on September 27, 2011 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA. Being the last opener of the night, the strange array of fans were all there, waiting. Fans had colored hair, costumes on, swords and all types of weird props.

As Lars and his mates went on stage, the fans cheered with excitement for what they knew was coming. Lars did his rendition of hip hop songs, performing with drums and guitars, unlike most rappers. The fans got into it and they swayed to the beats. Before each song, Lars introduced and gave brief explanations of the songs that were up next. He involved the crowd with his songs asking them to sing along with him in between verses. He jumped around the stage and swayed his arms from side to side. A TV in the background had lyrics which new fans could sing along to.

As the TV projected lyrics and cartoon animations of many of Lars’s songs, fans got a great performance. He went on to rap about “History’s biggest assholes”, he sang his parody about mainstream hip hop music and even told the crowd that the famous poet, Edgar Allen Poe, was a great rapper.

From singing, “History’s biggest assholes” to rapping to Edgar Allen Poe, the fans got to experience something they probably never experienced during a hip hop performance. With real instruments, not just fake sounds, to entertaining stories about songs, Lars gained tons of new fans all while entertaining the old fans.