Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World performs on September 29th 2011 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

On September 29th 2011, Jimmy Eat World performed at the SOLD- OUT Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, CA. As the band hit the stage at around 9:40, they went in right away with 3 crowd favorites, Bleed American, A Praise Chorus and The Middle, everyone already singing and jumping along.

As their 3rd song came to an end, the sold-out house cheered for the band.

“Anyone who is just came in, this show is to celebrate our 10 year anniversary for our record “Bleed American”. We are going to play all of our songs from it!” Singer Jim Adkins announced to the fans.

After the band finished their fourth song, “Your House” with Adkins on acoustic guitar, they went into a more rocking song, “Sweetness” with everyone in the audience singing the “woah oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” chorus. As the song finished, Adkins got his acoustic guitar back, and the band went into the slower song, “Hear You Me” which the crowd swayed along too.

Again, Adkins was on electric guitar to play “If You Don’t, Don’t”. Throughout the night, Adkins was constantly alternating from acoustic to electric guitars and from slow to fast songs. Every now and then, Adkins spoke with the crowd, asking the audience how they enjoyed the opening bands and telling the crowd stories of how they ended up recording “Bleed American” for free. The crowd consisted of many parents, going with their kids, both being fans of the music; as well as many teens and adults going with friends.

“I don’t even know where to start. This record changed our lives!” Adkins said before going into a story of how Mark Trombino, former drummer of Drive Like Jehu produced the album for free and before talking about the band forming after high school.

“I thank you very much guys!”  He said as the band continued their 21 song set list. The band didn’t lie, and played all 11 songs off of “Bleed American” as well as three songs from their album “Clarity”, three songs from “Futures”, three songs from “Invented” and one song from “Chase the Light”

Playing from an array of many different albums and playing both acoustic slow songs, and hard rock songs, the fans got a bit of everything and helped celebrate the 10 year “Bleed America” anniversary.