The Misfits were scheduled to perform at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA on October 4th 2011. As fans waited to enter the venue, House of Blues took precautions and gated the area near the entrance so they could make sure people didn’t have anything dangerous. House of Blues workers told us that they do that every time they think a crowd may be dangerous.

After fans were made to get a wand down and a search from security, they entered the venue. There were tons of young fans in the emo and ghothic scene as well as hard core fans from when the band first formed in 1977.

Coming, onto the stage, the three members of The Misfits were wearing makeup and interesting outfits, especially singer and bassist Jerry Only who wore a Misfits shirt with another short leather shirt with tons of spikes. Guitarist Dez Cadena, had white face paint with different shapes and wore a simple leather jacket and jeans. Lastly, drummer, Eric Arce had white face paint with teeth drawn in with makeup. The band had all sorts of stage props and their microphone stands were covered with skeletons.

The fans moshed and some were incredibly mellow. Many of them just watched the band perform while singing along and swaying. Only a few fans really got into the music by moshing and crowd surfing.

The band performed song after song, hardly stopping enough to talk with the crowd or even get a drink of water. The band gave it their all and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.