Evanescence performing at the Hollywood Palladium on October 11th 2011

It was at 10:10pm on October 11th 2011 at the Hollywood Palladium when Evanescence took the stage. This wasn’t just any old Evanescence concert, but it was the day that their self titled album came out and the same day that the album reached #1 on Itunes. It was going to be a special night to remember for both the fans and the band.

As fog filled the dark stage, member by member walked onto the stage. The band opened with a new song entitled, “What you Want” which the fans sang along to like they’ve known the song for years.

Throughout the show, singer Amy Lee jumped around and smiled to the crowd in between verses while guitarist Troy Mclawhorn constantly headbanged and stuck his tongue out, teasing the crowd. Drummer Will Hunt’s face was hardly ever visible because his hair was covering his face from his high energy drumming and guitarist Terry Balsamo was always in his zone, focusing on his guitar playing instead of running around head banging. Bassist Will Boyd was swaying his head and always looking out into the sea of fans to hear all the cheering people.

The only time the members weren’t moving was when Lee was performing on the keyboards or while one of the guitarist were in the midst of a crazy solo. The band clearly performed to the best of their ability and they sounded like a well oiled machine, hardly ever missing a beat.

The band played an array of songs from different albums, with the majority being from the new album; though they also performed crowd favorites including “Bring me to Life” and “My Immortal”. In total the band performed 17 high energy songs.

Evanescence performing “The Change”