Sleeping with Sirens

Sleeping with Sirens 3.25.12 Key Club Los Angeles, CA

The heavy rain, thunder and not even hale stopped Sleeping with Sirens fans from attending their Lets Tour to This show at the Key Club on March 25, 2012 in Los Angeles. The venue had a line formed by hundreds of teenagers who looked like they skipped school because of how many hours they stood and waited to be in the front! At 7:30, after being allowed inside, fans were warm and being entertained by the opening acts, Abandon All Ships, Conditions and Secrets performed.

As the stage was being set up for Sleeping with Sirens, from the upstairs balcony the entire pit area was seen swaying left and right.  The pit was extremely tightly packed with the body heat building by the minute. Luckily, security tossed out several water bottles which were drenched on the crowd by other crowd members, cooling everyone off.

Seeing the stage clock change minute by minute really energized the crowd. And when it finally struck 9:00 p.m., the room darkened. A back track of sirens played near the blackened stage when suddenly, the lights shone intensely into crowd. Everyone cheered as they saw the band members on stage. Without pause, the band went into one of their hit songs, Do it Now, Remember it Later with everyone, yes, everyone singing along with the singer, Kellin Quinn. After a couple of more pop rock, scream songs, Kellin decided to slow things down a bit.

Next, lead guitarist, Jesse Lawson and Kellin were the only two on stage. Lawson was given a stool and  an acoustic guitar before the duo performed two acoustic songs, Don’t Fall Asleep at the Helm and Stomach Tied in Knots. Before starting Stomach Tied in Knots, Quinn, hummed a melody that he wanted the crowd to sing on cue, and tested them to make sure they knew it. “Good job! That’s perfect; now just wait for my cue to sing that”.  But the crowd already knew the melody and nearly drowned out Quinn’s voice, not only for the hummed melody, but throughout both songs.

The crowd cheered as Quinn told them that their Acoustic EP was coming out soon, which is scheduled to release before Warped Tour 2012.

“Okay, enough of the sappy slow songs,” Quinn joked. “This song is dedicated to everyone who has ever felt abandoned by their parents! If you’re man enough to have kids, you should be man enough to stick around and see how they turned out”! The band went into A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son.

“You know Hollywood, I see a lot of girls out in the audience tonight. A lot of really hot girls! And I’ve always wondered, I don’t mean to sound perverted, but I’ve just always wondered, that when you’re home alone, do you ever just turn up the music and just shake that ass?!” The girls in the room cheered.

“Well we have the perfect song for the occasion! How many guys would like to see all these girls shake their asses?!” After the guys cheered, the band went into Your Nickel Ain’t Worth my Dime, with every single band and audience member singing the lyrics, “OH MY GOD!”

After a couple more songs, full of jumping and reaching into the crowd, Quinn announced that they have one song left. “But that doesn’t really mean we have one song left. Every band says that and they always come back and do another. But this is our last song…for now”. With that the band performed and left the stage.

Before all the members could even make their way off stage, the chanting began, “One more song, one more song, one more song” and the band came back on stage faster than they left it!

“We are actually not going to play one more song. We are gonna play two!”

The band went into If You Can’t Hang and ended off the night with If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepbum which seemed to be the number one song for crowd surfing. Because there was no barricade, it looked as if every other second, a new fan was on stage. Many didn’t get very far though, with security ready to push them back in the pit, but some who did make it up ran over and hugged Quinn, who smiled and tried not to get strangled before the fan dove from the stage into the crowd.

All in all, the show was filled with a great vibe, from both band and audience alike. Every band member smiled and played like they were having the time of their life. They joked around with security, “You look so scared right now! But don’t be, we’re all friends here!” They constantly thanked the crowd and it was obvious that they loved what they were doing almost as much as the crowd loved it. Overall, a great live show!