Nipsey Hussle and YG


Nipsey Hussle and YG at Club Nokia on May 4, 2012

Review By: Pharah Patterson

                Walking into the venue, felt like walking into one of those night clubs that are only seen in movies; laser beams, strobe lights, and smoke, lots of smoke. People, mostly in their twenties, arrived; women in dresses and heels and the men in the casual jeans and t-shirt. As the opening acts got everyone hyped, drinks were being bought at the bar for the ladies, by the men who had their eyes on them. When the lights were dimmed, people started getting excited and as soon as the curtains rose, everyone screamed as YG ran onto the stage.

He performed a variety of songs from his “Four Hunnid Degrees” mix-tape, as well as some of his better known songs such as “Toot it and Boot it”. During his performances, he threw grape flavored cigar wraps into the crowd and smoked a blunt while rapping, along with almost everyone else in the venue. As his was ending, his friends who were on the side of the stage, ran up and started dancing and singing with him. Once YG’s energetic set finished, the curtains dropped.

Fans waited for the main performer, the one everyone came there to see, Nipsey Hussle! As the curtains rose, the only thing visible was a DJ standing at the back of the stage and two white screens. For a few minutes before Nipsey made his way on stage, the screens projected a video of his life, from his teen years, to music video parts, etc. Once he finally made his way on stage, fans went insane, reaching over the barricade, trying to touch him. He performed a number of songs including Hussle in the House, The Motto with Drake and YG as a guest appearances and some songs with Dom Kennedy.  When Drake came on stage, every single person in the room went crazy, including security guards who have been singing along all night. The stage was packed to its maximum capacity, full of friends of the performers, singing, smoking, drinking and dancing. Throughout the show, between songs, Nipsey got stacks of bills, mostly ones and threw them into the crowd and as the night came to an end, his crew gave cups out to people in to crowd and poured champagne into them.

This was no average concert, with so many guest appearances, everyone at the show had a good time, discovering new artists and enjoying the ones they came for.

Nipsey Hussle closed to show with guests including Dom Kenned, Drake and more!