Lost Among Us

Lost Among Us

            We recently caught up with Ben of the one man band, Lost Among Us via email to talk to him a little about his band and what they’re about! 


1) Tell us a little about the band, what was your idea behind starting a band?


Well; First off, I started this band in grade 8. I wanted it to originally be a My Chemical Romance tribute band, that didn’t go so well. I wanted to give a different experience to the listener, So I forged characters to take the empty spots in the band, each with their own story. So it’s less about the band and more about the music, Kind of like slipknot with their masks.



2) Do you play every instrument or is it computer generated?


I play all the instruments except the orchestral and techno parts. Guitar, drums, bass, piano and everything else is all my own ACTUAL instruments.



3) I’ve listened to some tracks and they’re very good! How long have you been making music? 


Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like them. I’ve been making music since grade 8 so roughly 5 years. But only since January have I been releasing any.



4) It’s actually very good. How old are you?


I am currently 19 years old.



5) Wow! That’s great! Do you plan on getting band members/ a singer?


For Lost Among Us, no. I do however have assigned cast members for future music videos to resemble the fictional band members. I’ve tried adding my own vocals and it really took away from the whole idea behind the band, so never again. I have another band called Efflorescent (Only in demo stages so far) that has other members and vocals, so look out for that.



6) What type of music do you play, for those who may not know?


I lovingly call it “Instru-metal” because that’s exactly what it is, Instrumental metal music. I do play hard rock and even metal core but metal is the main genre.



7) What makes you different from other bands today?


First off, not many bands are instrumental only. I can take the listener on a ride just from the instruments, focusing on the guitar and drums rather than what the lyrics are. Fictional band members has never really been done before like this (or really, at all) 1 man, creating 4 people to play his music is unique in its own right.



8) Your new music video, did you do all the filming? How did you get all those different camera angels? How did you arrange for all those people/ gets props and such? How long did it take?


We have 3 out as of now and to be honest they are all part of short films, I had asked the directors if I could use them and they gave me the go ahead. BUT I’m currently working on a very real music video made on my own budget and shot with my own equipment. People wanted music videos, and I had neither the time or money to give it to them. So that’s why I did that.



9) Lost Among Us- what does it mean?


Have you ever felt alone? Outcasted? Lost Among Us is an extended meaning of being lost in a crowd. Everything that could plague a person is around us, such as depression or poverty. All these people with issues and problems go unheard of among the masses. They are Truly Lost, Among Us all.



10) What are your goals with this band? Making it big, just  a hobby, touring?


Hell, if I could make it big one day that would be the best thing on earth! But for now I do it as a way to express myself and get all this energy building up inside me, OUTSIDE. I have made a couple of plans to tour but not anytime soon.



11) If touring, what band would you love to tour with?


Good lord, My Chemical Romance, first and foremost (they are my biggest inspiration, I even have a tribute tattoo on my right arm) maybe Slipknot or even five finger death punch. Cancer Bats, Billy Talent, the list goes on forever.



12) Do you plan on releasing an album soon? If yes, details, release date, etc.


I actually released our newest album today the 12th of June 2012, entitled Inanimate. This album has been in works for awhile now (even before our first album) and It’s finally done! It’s a 12 track album that will have 3 singles. All my albums have a general theme to them and this one is no different, The ideas of mannequins and dolls really hit a chord on the chilling factor. Gets in your mind. So that released today and the next album shouldn’t be too far afterwards, and remember I give the downloads to my albums FOR FREE. Always. Physical copies cost 10 dollars US 😉


Check out the Lost Among Us facebook page, and take a listen to what this one man band can really do!