Flo Rida Album Release Show

“Congratulations, you have won passes to see Flo Rida!” Whether  winning  passes while listening to AMP radio, Twitter, or other social networking sites, the only way in to see Flo Rida on July 2, 2012 at the Red Bull Sound Space for his album release show, was to be a winner.  Winners lined up outside the AMP Radio station in Los Angeles, CA from 10-11:30am, anxiously waiting for their once in a lifetime experience, seeing Flo Rida, up close and personal.

At around 12:00pm, Flo Rida drove into the station’s parking lot in his chrome Bugatti and instantly went to sound check. Shortly afterwards, fans were let inside, scurrying in, despite being told not to run or push.  Once inside, the fans were in awe;  taking in the scene. The stage was less than a foot high, with no barricade, making it more personal, the back wall was covered in different boom boxes and speakers, and in the middle, a Red Bull Sound Space logo. Most importantly, they were all only one of the 100 people, if not less, allowed to experience this show. Smog filled the air and soon, the waft of marijuana joined.

Soon, Michelle of AMP Radio introduced Flo Rida who came out on stage, and instantly greeted by cheers and screams from the crowd. She briefly interviewed him about his newest album, coming out on July 3, 2012 titled, “Wild Ones”, his collaborations and what it takes to do what he does. When they were done with the Q&A, Flo Rida went into his set, starting off with his slower song, “Whistle”, bringing people from the audience up to help him sing and dance.  Following “Whistle” was “Wild Ones” which really got the crowd exited.

With every song, from the new ones to the older ones like his first single, “Low”, Flo Rida really got everyone pumped. He brought people one by one on stage, had groups go on stage, stood on top of speakers and even jumped on his body guards shoulders who plowed him through the crowd as he sang.  He thanked his fans constantly and put on an energetic show full of running, jumping, dancing and a lot of sweating for both him and the people up against each other, trying to be in front.  He finished his several song set, with crowd participation. “When I say AMP, ya’ll say Radio. When I say Flo, ya’ll say Rida. When I say Wild, ya’ll says One’s,” each chant became louder and louder.

Flo Rida once again thanked everyone for coming out and left the stage. Michelle came back on stage, jumping around ranting about how amazing the show was; the crowd agreed with their ecstatic cheers. She also thanked everyone for coming and as fans left, they were handed a unique  Flo Rida poster to remind them of the special day.