Laibach Tour Preview

Laibach We Come In Peace Tour Preview


On September 20, 2012, Slovenian legendary band Laibach will make their way to Wrocław, Poland in order to promote a Europenan launch of black sci-fi comedy, Iron Sky. The band composed the score for the movie and will perform the material live at the show, along with songs from two upcoming albums (not to mention that their set is their mosre known older songs).Since it is the only show on polish grounds, you better make sure that you won’t miss it!


Laibach was formed in 1980 in small industrial city of Trbovlje in Yugoslavia (contemporary Slovenia) and is a music and cross media group. Their name derives from historic german variation of Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Although they do not only focus on music; they have became internationally known of their cover versions of widely known hits by Queen, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The main elements of Laibach’s varied practices are: strong references to avant-garde art history, nazi-kunst and socialist realism for their production of visual art, de-individualisation in their public performances as an anonymous quartet dressed in uniforms, conceptual proclamations, and forceful sonic stage performances – mainly labelled as industrial (pop) music.



Laibach will perform in ETER club in Wrocław. Tickets are availible under following links:, or in Empik and Media Markt stores.

Ticket prices: 75 zł – first 200 pcs., 85 zł – presale, 100 zł – during the day of the concert, places on balcony: 110 zł