Garbage on Jimmy Kimmel

Garbage 10.3.12 Jimmy Kimmel, Los Angeles, CA

Garbage went from performing in front of a sold out crowd of about 4,000 people on one night, to performing in front of millions of television sets the next day, and it was all without having to leave Hollywood.

The band performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show on Wednesday, October 3rd. This marks the bands first TV talk show appearance, and might have made other talk shows regret not booking them before. While the band only played five songs, the vibe they gave out was they they were going to put on a full show, and everyone in attendance was more than ready for that. Many danced, sang, and head banged as the band performed their five song set flawlessly. Shirley Manson’s vocals were pitch perfect, which was impressive seeing as she sang 22 songs the night before at the Palladium down the street. Her incredible vocals, as well as her on stage presence with the band were more than enough to leave the crowd wanting more. Garbage promoted their latest album release, “Not Your Kind of People,” by playing the songs “Control” and “Blood for Poppies.” Once the cameras were done rolling, the crowd were treated to three more songs, which included “Stupid Girl,” “Cherry Lips,” and “Only Happy When it Rains.”

As their set came to an end, Shirley would thank the crowd for coming out and also thanked Jimmy Kimmel for having them on the show, thus ending a short, but intimate night with Garbage.

Review by: Alex Lucero