The Darkness

On October 24th, 2012, The Darkness took over Downtown Los Angeles. No, we aren’t talking about the Lakers losing to the Clippers, that’s a different kind of darkness. The Darkness put on an intense show that would rival the basketball game across the street, and although the band didn’t play basketball, they sure did score major points with an amazing crowd.

The Darkness opened up with “Every Inch of You”, the first single off their recent album “Hot Cakes”. These guys instantly had people clapping and singing along. Most newly released singles from other bands will barely make an impact at concerts, but The Darkness aren’t like other bands; when you see a lot of dedicated fans knowing the new material at a concert, you know you’re in for a special night.

Their catchy lyrics and hard rock guitar riffs will instantly make you fall in love with them. So they have great lyrics and great tunes, what more can you ask for from a band? How about a lead singer who is entertaining to watch, as he is to listen to. Justin Hawkins will entertain you to no end. If he isn’t singing or playing the guitar, he will put on a show for you. He’ll strut around stage, make facial expressions, and even do a headstand where he would move his legs in a jumping- jack like fashion. He even played his guitar off a cameraman filming the show! Someone said that the two are legally married in some states because of this; can anyone confirm this madness?

Hawkins is entertaining and is a vocal god, we get it, but what about the band? The band is great! The guitar licks are executed perfectly, the riffs are hard, and the drums are thunderous. These guys are great musicians who have perfected their craft in the hard rock genre, and this what makes them highly enjoyable. Justin and his brother, Dan Hawkins would be rocking out so hard that their guitar picks would be flying off their guitar strings on several of the nights set list. The passion they displayed through their instruments could inspire a whole new generation of hard rockers.

This band was gone for a while, but it was noticeable tell because they kept the same structure for their songs as they wrote the new album. The mix of old and new songs are a perfect blend and work great together. “One way ticket“; “Everybody Have A Good Time“; “She just A Girl, Eddie“; and the crowd favorite, “I Believe In A Thing Called love“; are some examples of the diverse set list that was played. A flawless mix of new and old music, a band who put their heart into a solid performance, and lots of crowd activity made this a spectacular concert. If you were here and sang along with Hawkins; if you got to fist bump him as he was carried on top of a security guard’s shoulders, or if you have seen them once before, then it is already known that you had one hell of a time good time and if you haven’t seen them before, you’re really missing out.

Review by: Alex Lucero

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