Maroon 5


The lucky winners were lined up against the wall of the Red Bull Sound Space building.  By their happy faces and cheering at the camera passing by, you would never have guessed it was 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning on October 30, 2012.  Only a select few got to attend this special show, courtesy of 97.1 Amp Radio.

Around 10:00 or so, everyone began being ushered in, in an orderly manner.  As all entered, the background music filled the room.  Shortly after the Red Bull Sound Space was full, the background music stopped and Carson Daily came out to the screaming

fans.  He excitedly announced the band as Maroon 5 took the stage.

Carson introduced Maroon 5 as the guys he’s known for a long time, a band that are

really fun to watch and a band that’s one of the biggest bands in the world right now. Singer, Adam Levine  humbly thanked Carson as well as the fans stating that without them, Maroon 5 wouldn’t be where they are.

On December 5, 2012 Maroon 5 will be playing in Nashville at a Grammy concert event. Maroon 5 won their first Grammy in 2005 as Best New Artist.  When asked how they felt about that, Levine’s humor took over.

“I’ll tell you exactly how it felt, Carson.”

Levine went on describe how crazy and exciting it was to be nominated against great artists like Kanye West.  They were more than positive that Kanye would get it.  Maroon 5 were extremely shocked when they won for three reasons: firstly, that they won; secondly, the category that they won in; and thirdly, the fact that they beat Kanye,

“as pissed off as he probably was, but I love him and have for a long time…”

Mid sentence a fan yelled out,

“At least he didn’t interrupt you.”

to which Levine replied,

“Yeah, at least he didn’t interrupt me like you just did.”

to a room full of laughing fans.

Maroon 5 continued the by taking some questions from the audience.  Throughout the morning, there was never a dull moment because of Levine’s great and entertaining sense of humor and the great presence of PJ Morton and James Valentine.  Even though these guys made it to the Red Bull Sound Space very early in the morning they were evidently enjoying the intimate setting and interaction with their fans.

How did you all meet?

Levine: I was in a, seriously. Adam went on to recall how he met James [Valentine], who has been in the band for 12 years as the rhythm guitarist.  They met when Valentine’s  band opened for Levine’s band at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim and left his band “for us.” When Levine looked and Valentine asking whether they still keep in touch, James answered, “Yeah.”

Whats the best part of touring?

Levine: Incredible vibe and super surreal.  Adam also shared with the crowd how audiences in different countries are different.

“In Japan they are so polite and quiet. Between the songs the clapping stops and you can hear a pin drop. It’s creepy. In Korea, glow sticks. We need to bring that to the US.”

What do you like to do in LA?

Levine: Sleep. I really like IHOP, the one on Fairfax.

Through the laughter, Carson told everyone that Adam is obsessed with a vegan breakfast burrito.  Adam promptly agreed, describing how incredibly good it is and that it’s from

“a small place by my house. I’ll tell you where it is after I move.”

Is there an album in the works?

Levine: Not yet but will soon.

Maroon 5 treated their fans by performing four songs.  Pay Phone was the first one.  The crowd was still and silent.  The intent listeners held their cell phones high above their heads as the acoustic song was perfectly performed.  Afterwards, Levine commented,

“That song has very high notes. Maybe not the best 1st song this early in the morning.”

The second song was This Love.

“That was easier than the 1st one,” Levine concluded.

Levine introduced the 3rd song by stating that they

“Never thought that one of our biggest songs would be about another singer. I’d tell you to dance, but there’s no room. Not sure if I can whistle.”

And it’s true, there was no room to dance, but who could stand still to Moves Like Jagger? As soon as the whistling started, the crowd cheered in anticipation to what proved to be one Maroon 5’s most popular songs. No, there was no dancing, but people couldn’t keep from swaying to the beat, feeling it.

This memorable morning ended with the final song, One More Night which Levine introduced as “a song that’s on the radio quite a bit” and one of his favorite songs on the album.

For those that were not lucky enough to see a sneak peek of what a Maroon 5 concert looks like, at the Red Bull Sound Space or for those that didn’t get enough, Maroon 5 will be performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 13, 2013. Until then, there’s always 97.1 Amp Radio!