Galactic Pegasus Interview

We sit down with Galactic Pegasus, the Canadian metal core band that is quickly growing momentum in the metal community, to discuss their first music video, new band members, and Vans Warped Tour 2013. Make sure to watch their first music video for the song “Smashing” after the interview.

SC411: First off, thank you guys for doing this interview with Soundcheck 411. You guys are fairly new and quickly gaining momentum in Canada, and even then rest of the US (we’ll get into that later). Can you tell us a little about Galactic Pegasus?

Andrew Baena: Galactic Pegasus started out as just a way to pass time. I didn’t really have a hobby, and decided to get into music. After being fairly successful with my cover videos and a few original songs, I was asked to play a live show by indiestar. After playing that show, I knew that I wanted to turn this project into something more! We now have 6 members, play shows frequently, and are constantly writing both new original material, and cover material.

Dallas Turner: What he said. Got Djent? Because I think we got some (winks).

SC411: So you guys recently released your first official Music Video for the song “Smashing” off of your first EP, Mirages. Can you tell us the concept of the video?

Dallas: The concept is a variation of ‘hide and go seek’ called ‘hide then when I find you I’m going to “smash” you with a hammer and kill you’. We kind of wanted to go for a ‘Protest The Hero’ cheesy type video. The director of the video, Kyle Popovich, came up with the main idea for the video. We also do some performance shots in the forest.

SC411: Why did you chose the song “Smashing” to be your first official music video opposed to any other song on the EP?

Dallas: We chose ‘Smashing’ because it seemed to be the most popular song when we released the full EP and the crowd goes the most crazy during this song in our set. In my opinion is has one of the best breakdowns on the EP and the most catchiest chorus.

SC411: What has been the response to the video so far?

Dallas: The response about the video so far has been amazing! We got over 2000 views in 12 hours. It is a very cheesy music video, so I’m glad people understand that is what we were going for when making it and think it is really funny. Of course we got 1 or 2 hater comments, but hey, I guess that means we are getting bigger?

SC411: Can you guys tell us about Dallas Turner joining the band as the drummer?

Dallas: Funny story actually. I owned a Metal news company just like ‘Sound Check 411’ and I was interviewing the founder of GP, Andrew, and then a bit after the interview I found him on Facebook and talked to him for a bit and he needed a fill in drummer for two local shows that were coming up at the beginning of summer 2012, so I did it. They said this is the best they have ever played as a band and knew I really wanted to be a full time member in the band, so they said sure. At this point they had 4 out of the 6 songs on the EP fully written, so I only helped in the process of writing the drum tracks for the songs, “Mirages” and “Hyperion.” This band has many insanely hard drum parts in their song, but I worked extremely hard To become a full time member and I don’t regret one second. This band is the best thing to happen to me since ever.

SC411: Galactic Pegasus was featured on for doing a “Gangnam Style” cover, what went through your mind as you guys found out the news?

Dallas: This was actually the second time a song Galactic Pegasus made landed on big news sites like ‘’ The first time is when Andrew and friends made the song “How To Get Signed To Rise Records!!1!” . It is really mind-blowing to get our stuff posted on huge metal news sites I grew up looking at everyday to see news from my favorite bands!


SC411: You guys definitely picked up a lot of attention for the song, did it help gain any new fans?

Dallas: Yes our page on Facebook seemed to gain a lot of likes from that video. I think it blew up fast because it was one of the first metal covers online after the original songs video went viral.

SC411: Is there any plans on getting into the Warped Tour 2013 lineup? What steps are you guys taking to take part of it if possible?

Dallas: That would be one of the most amazing things in the world. As of right now we have no plans to take part on the Vans Warped Tour 2013. I actually have yet to attend a Warped Tour date, but that will soon change when Warped 2013 hits Seattle, WA. It would be really cool if we got on it in 2014? But to be honest I really doubt it happening this year.

SC411:You guys have come a long way in the last few months, from headlining a local show, to releasing and EP, and from being mentioned on, to releasing a music video. Where do you guys see the band going in 2013?

Dallas: In 2013 we hope to maybe do some mini tours around our province and maybe a show in the state below us, Washington State. I know we have some shows scheduled that will feature a certain someone from USA as a member of the band for only 3 days. We are also really stoked about this other show we just got asked to open in 2013 with some real Djenty bands on it. I can’t say anything about it yet. It will be announced soon.

SC411: Again, thanks for your time, is there anything else that you guys would like to put out there for the readers and to your fans?

Dallas: I know this has been said many times before, but I just recently witnessed it first hand, You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it! If you are a musician and want to be in a band here is my biggest tip to you: go to your local metal shows. You will start to become friends with members of the bands and one day you will be in a band with them or their friends if you are good enough. If you are friends with failures, it will rub off, If you are friends with many rich people, it you will most likely be rich. That applies for the local metal scene also! Never forget that.

Also, I want to thank everyone that is a fan of our band and has downloaded our FREE ‘Mirages’ Debut EP! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

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Interview by: Alex Lucero